‘Moving Forward’ With SLU-Madrid’s Second TEDx Event

At SLU-Madrid's second annual TEDx event, "Moving Forward," speakers and TED Talk videos evoked ideas of progress and hope as we confront society's challenges in this era of great technological development. With social media modulating public opinion and cooperative economy challenging traditional business practices, organizations and individuals worldwide are faced with uncertainty and worry. The eight distinguished speakers at the event shared their insight, reflections and emotions, inspiring an optimistic vision of the future.

Through his analysis of the relationship between a buyer and seller, employer and worker, man and woman, and humanity and nature, economist Carlos Rodríguez Braun argued that progress is an attitude which is based on our rejection of pessimism. Driven by her passion for technology and law, Julia Sánchez Roa spoke about the future of cryptocurrency while social entrepreneur Luis Miguel Samperio reflected on the potential for virtual reality technology to inspire creativity and compassion. Susana Marcos, a leading researcher in vision science, demonstrated how improvements in medical diagnostic technologies promise a brighter future. The audience then enjoyed a live musical performance by the voice and guitar duo, the Ready Mades.

In the second half of the event, Luis Lapuente made connections between economics, culture and history through his analysis of the roots of soul music in America's deep South. SLU-Madrid graduate Katherine Espinosa '13 shared her personal testimony, urging audience members to look forward with the wisdom gained from the past. As a successful businessman and entrepreneur, Eduard Quintana brought to table valuable reflections on the role of corporate social responsibility while Marta García Peláez offered a personal perspective based on finding peace and tranquility in our busy lives through a "desert-island" lifestyle. 

Though touching on many different topics, the talks shared one common attribute: an optimistic vision for the future. In a time where hope and positivity are not always given, the SLU-Madrid TEDx event spoke to the changes we want to see in the world today. Individual videos and images will be available online.

March 19, 2018
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