SLU-Madrid Hosts International Seminar on Cybercrime

SLU-Madrid hosted a specialized online seminar, "Cybercrime: Prevention," connecting more than 200 participants from Spain, Peru, Chile and Bolivia.

Organized by Dr. Sulma Farfán (SLU-Madrid Educational Technology and Assessment Coordinator), the inter-institutional event brought together the National Police Corps of Spain, the Carabiniers and Cybercrime Research Brigade of Chile, and the National Police Forces of Peru and Bolivia to exchange ideas and best practices for the prevention of cybercrime targeting children and youth. La Salle University (Bolivia), Universidad Domingo Savio (Bolivia), the Universidad Santo Tomás (Chile) and Pontifical Catholic University (Peru) also took part in the seminar. The participants and presenters were connected through "Fuzebox" video-conference technology, which allowed for participants on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean to attend the seminar. 

"It was a pleasure to host such a trans-national event," said Academic Dean and Director, Paul Vita. "My thanks go to Dr. Farfán for her outreach and to all of the participants, who were able to share their research into technology through SLU-Madrid's own cutting edge technology."

May 9, 2017
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