The World's Game at SLU-Madrid

Watching the SLU-Madrid fútbol teams play on the pitch together, one would never guess that the teams are composed of a mix of students from across the globe: North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Aptly touting the diverse makeup of the SLU-Madrid student body, these 19 student athletes come from Egypt, Spain, Mexico, Germany, the United States, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and the Philippines.  

The teams play on a small pitch, where the limited space makes it critical to function as a cohesive unit. They call out to each other and move as one. Not only do they have to speak the same language, but they also have to think alike. These students from around the world come together and have one common passion: soccer.

"After attending a practice and observing the unity, I would never have imagined that their backgrounds were so varied," remarks visiting student Jason Brown. "They all joked and got along as if they had known one another and played together for years." 

The SLU-Madrid community is invited to cheer the teams on at their weekly Tuesday and Wednesday evening league matches. Be sure to check This Week in Sports for information about league soccer matches as well as others sports events at SLU-Madrid. 

March 13, 2017
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