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Housing for Study Abroad and Upperclassmen

As a SLU-Madrid student, you can choose where you live. If you are studying abroad, check with your study abroad advisor to ensure you know any requirements from your home institution.

Though we don't have any housing requirements, we do have suggestions about housing options that students have used in the past. 

Off-Campus Residence Hall

Permanent and study abroad SLU-Madrid students have lived in and loved the El Faro residence hall, which is a quick, 10-minute walk from campus. This option is not owned or operated by SLU-Madrid, so students who choose to live here work directly with El Faro to create a housing contract. Contracts are usually for one full year, but you can consult with the El Faro staff about exceptions for single-semester contracts.

Read More About the Residence Hall Experience

Yugo Residencias (parent company of El Faro) operates other student residence halls close to campus and throughout Madrid that house SLU-Madrid students. Two more Yugo residence halls are also within walking distance of campus and have historically housed SLU-Madrid students. They are:

Contact the different residences directly for more information or to apply for housing.

Host-Family Housing

We encourage students interested in experiencing Spanish culture, language and food to live with one of SLU-Madrid's host families. 

These families have years of experience working with SLU-Madrid students, and are ready to help you to settle in and learn your way around Madrid. They are also eager to work with you on speaking and understanding Spanish if you don't already.

Our students frequently tell us that living with a host family during their first year was a life-changing experience, and that they formed connections they carried with them through their time at SLU-Madrid and beyond.

What you can expect:

  • Immersion in Spanish language, food and culture.
  • Bed linen/towel service, cleaning, internet access and all utilities included.
  • Laundry services of two loads of laundry per student per week.
  • Single or double room options, depending on each student's interests and needs.
  • Options for students who want their host families to cook for them or who want to cook for themselves if they want to live more independently:
    • Many families can accommodate dietary restrictions, so please note any needs in your application.

Families host one, two or three students within a 20- to 40-minute subway commute from the University or within a 15- to 20-minute walk. No matter where your host family lives, you will find that Madrid is a relatively compact city and that public transportation is safe, fast, inexpensive and efficient.

Host-Family Options

Room and Half Board (Media Pensión)

  • Your host family provides you with breakfast (typically a traditional Spanish breakfast of toast, coffee and/or juice) and dinner.
  • Your host family will talk to you upon arrival about meal times so you can prepare accordingly, as Spanish families eat their meals later than many other countries.
  • If you have dietary restrictions, please list that in your housing application so we can match you with a host family that offers those accommodations.
  • This option does not include lunch, nor does it permit the use of the host family's kitchen.
  • This option includes all of the information listed above in terms of laundry, cleaning and other amenities.

Semi-independent Host Family (Familia Anfitriona Semi-independiente)

  • For students who want a little independence or who have specific dietary needs and would rather prepare their own meals.
  • Students purchase their own food and can use the kitchen facilities in their host family home to make their meals.
  • Students are responsible for cleaning up after themselves in the kitchen.
  • Host families are still close by to help students settle in and learn more about Spanish culture, navigate Madrid and more.
  • There are limited options available for semi-independent host family homes, so apply early. We will assign people who want semi-independent housing in the order that the application was received.
  • This option includes all items listed above regarding laundry, cleaning and other amenities.

Application and Payment Information

The host family housing application is live. If you have any access issues, email There is a 200 euros, non-refundable application fee to complete the process.

We will start placing transfer students and upperclassmen on April 15.

We will start placing fall 2023 study abroad students during the end of May or early June, based on the order applications are received.

Find Housing Payment Information

SLU-Madrid Reminders

These host families welcome international students into their homes and are eager to help with transitioning to live in a different country. Out of respect for everyone's needs, we created the following documents that highlight the rules and expectations of living in a host home. 

Minors are not allowed to apply for host-family housing arranged by the University.

Other Housing Options 

Madrid is a large city with many neighborhoods that are well-connected through the city's public transportation network. If you wish to live within walking distance from the SLU-Madrid campus, however, the neighborhoods closest to campus are Ciudad Universitaria, Chamberí and Moncloa.

SLU-Madrid has neither contracts nor agreements with the following companies. However, SLU-Madrid students have shared that these providers offered them good services. Some of these companies offer other housing options, such as shared apartments and host families.

Read the Living Off-Campus Housing Guide