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Circumstances in which SLU-Madrid may contact a student's parent/guardian and/or study abroad student's home institution

SLU-Madrid will only contact a student's parent/guardian and/or study abroad student's home institution in the following circumstances:

A SLU-Madrid registered student:

  • seriously violates SLU-Madrid's Code of Student Conduct.
  • is incapacitated and has been hospitalized due to illness or injury.
  • has a serious mental health concern and is deemed a harm to him/herself or others in the community, or his/her condition prevents him/her from continuing to act as a university student (included but not limited to going to class, submitting papers, taking exams, etc.).

In most other instances, SLU-Madrid staff will communicate directly with the student in question and will not share information with the student's parent/guardian and/or home institution due to strict Spanish and European Privacy Laws, as well as to several U.S. Federal laws, including FERPA and HIPAA.

Connecting with your loved ones

Being abroad can make it more difficult for you and your family to stay in touch. Challenges include the time difference, academic excursions, personal travel, roaming costs, and unreliable WIFI access. But, emergency situations can take place anywhere, anytime; here are some tips for staying connected with your loved ones while you are abroad:

  • Purchase a phone and data plan that will enable you to be in touch anytime and anywhere. Do not rely only on WIFI access. You'll find that there are plenty of options: roaming costs should never be a reason not to stay in touch with your family.
  • Develop a communication plan. Schedule regular times to talk to your family. Always contact home if you are located in a city where there has been any kind of emergency or crisis. People worry about you when you're away!
  • Use your phone to talk, chat using message applications like WhatsApp, and stay connected through social media. Follow along with others, both abroad and at home, and share your experiences through Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare SnapChat, etc.

Are your friends and family planning to visit you while you are in Madrid?

Here are some helpful resources you can share with them:

If you would like to schedule a formal visit with the Office of Admissions, send an email to

We look forward to meeting your friends and family in Madrid!

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