Frequently Asked Questions

What if I forget to take my passport on a trip?

SLU-Madrid cannot work in an official capacity to circumvent travel laws. Students have to make sure that they have all of the appropriate travel documents needed and that they are valid throughout the length of the trip. Students should contact their own embassy in the country they are visiting in case they are denied travel or their passport is lost or stolen.

United States citizens should note that a U.S. driver's license is not an appropriate form of ID for air travel outside the USA.

What do I do if I am pickpocketed and my wallet is stolen?

Scan your passport (including the visa page) and both sides of your credit cards, and e-mail a copy to yourself. Keep any photocopies you may make separate from the originals.

In case the originals are stolen, be sure to call the numbers on the backside of your credit cards right away to cancel the accounts. You may call them collect. ATT's toll free number for collect calls is 900 99 00 11.

Be sure to file a police report (denuncia). You may do this in English by calling 902 102 112 between the hours of 8:00 am and 12:00 am (midnight).

To pick up the police report, give them the address to the Chamberí police station. It is on Calle Rafael Calvo, 33 (Line 5: Rubén Dario; Line 7 or 10: Gregorio Marañón).

To replace a passport, you will have to contact your country's consulate in Madrid. Please, visit the US embassy's website.

Is there a "lost and found" on campus?

Yes. Valuables such as mobile phones, keys, jewelry, etc. are often turned in to the Student Life. Other articles are kept in the lost-and-found shelf located in the bedeles office (Buildings & Grounds, bottom floor of Padre Rubio Hall, beside the elevator).

Can I make a doctor's appointment myself?

Yes, Dr. Borrás ( is an English-speaking general practitioner who collaborates with SLU-Madrid. His number is 91 575 9834. The receptionists are able to make your appointment in English.

For emergencies or further information, please click here to visit Sanitas' website.

Where can I find information on starting a club or society and booking a room for meetings?

Contact Student Life (

Where will I leave my belongings at Christmas-time or summer holidays?

Bluespace is a storage company with private security access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. SLU Madrid Campus' students are eligible for a discounted rate to store their belongings. For information in English, please click here. For more information, please contact Student Life (

University Housing is closed during Christmas break and Easter holidays and all students must vacate. Students may be allowed to leave their belongings neatly packed away in their room provided the family has given prior consent.

What do I do in case of sexual assault?

Call 091 (Police) and go to the closest police station (Comisaría) or to the Servicio de Atención a la Mujer (S.A.M.) of the National Police (Policía Nacional) as soon as possible. You should not bathe or change clothes before you go to the Police.
Jefatura Superior de policía- S.A.M.
(Comunidad de Madrid)
C/ Dr. Federico Rubio y Galí, 55 - Madrid
Tfno: 91 322 3555

Afterwards, the Police will escort you to the nearest hospital. It is advisable that you ask a trusted friend to accompany you.

You can also call our counselor who is on-call for emergencies at: 609 269 323

Can Student Life help me plan a weekend trip?

It is recommended that you carry out your own research in order to find the most up-to-date information suited to your needs. However, you may find very useful information here.

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