Housing FAQ

I have filled out the housing application and submitted the deposit (which has been accepted). What should I do to choose/get my housing assignment?

Please, note that we process housing applications on a first in first served basis.

We contact students when we have processed the applications. Via email, we will instruct them on how and when to enter into the housing data base and select three host-family options.

This is a slow process because students are allowed up to four days to undetake this selectoin.

I have not received that email to choose my host family. Am I missing anything?

Please, note that we process housing applications on a first in first served basis.

We contact students when we have processed the applications, so don't be concerned and keep an eye on your email.

Why wasn't I assigned to the same house as my friends?

We always triy to place students according to their preferences, but cannot guarantee these preferences or that students can be hosted with more than one of his/her friends in the same host family.

What does "half" room and board mean?

"Half" Room and Board means that this option does not include lunch.

What are the differences between half room and board and kitchen privileges?

They are the two Meal Options you can get while living with a Host Family

  1. Half Room and Board (media pensión)
    This option includes breakfast and dinner provided by the Host Family in the home. Half room and board does not include lunch, nor the use of the kitchen facilities. You are responsible for the purchase of your own lunch. This is the most popular housing option because it provides flexibility to the student during the school day and on weekends. Being in a Spanish home, you will taste Spanish food experiencing full cultural immersion in both language and culture including Spanish cuisine. A breakfast of just coffee/juice and toast is usually eaten in the morning. Spanish families eat lunch and dinner much later than in many other countries. Dinner is lighter fare and is normally served around 9:00 p.m. You will arrange dinner time with your family once you are here.

  2. Kitchen Privileges (derecho a cocina)
    Host Families with kitchen privileges are limited and strongly recommended to students with specific dietary needs prescribed by a doctor. The Host Family does not provide any meals, nor any food to the students. You purchase your own food, use the host family's kitchen facilities, cook all your meals and clean up after yourself. While you may not spend as much time with your host señora as those who choose the half room and board option, you will still have the convenience of having a native Spaniard close by who can help you settle in and learn the ropes. Host Families with kitchen privileges are limited. If this is your first option, we encourage you to submit your housing application early.

Who are my roommates?

By the very restrictive Spanish Data Protection Laws, (Privacy Laws) SLU-Madrid cannot disclose personal information about any of their students, therefore we cannot inform you about who will be living with you in the same host family nor disclose any of their contact data.

Can I have my host family's information so I can start communicating with them?

By the same law, a description of the host family is only available while the student is inside the Housing Database selecting his/her three host family top choices.

Once the student has been assigned, Housing Office will send host family's address, telephone, and email.

Can I move out of the housing system?

SLU Madrid does not have a mandatory housing policy, students can choose where they live. However, to students who choose the host family system; SLU-Madrid Housing Payment Policies apply. SLU-Madrid policies state:

A student is considered to have contractually taken occupancy of Host Family Housing arranged through the University if prior to the confirmation date above s/he has informed the Housing Coordinator in writing that s/he will be using the assigned housing accommodation.

A student is liable for the full semester's housing summary and is not qualified for any refund of payments if s/he:

    • leaves Host Family Housing arranged through the University after having taken occupancy but remains enrolled on the Madrid Campus;
    • is suspended from Host Family Housing arranged through the University for disciplinary reasons for a period of time; or,
    • is expelled from the University and/or from Host Family Housing arranged through the University for disciplinary reasons.
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