Online Housing Application

Applying for Housing arranged through the University

Once you send your Confirmation Form to the Office of Admissions, you will be able to apply online for host-family housing arranged by the University at: You will be asked your full name, Date of Birth, Banner ID and to pay your housing application fee of 200 € online. The Housing Coordinator processes all the applications in a first in-first served order. When your housing assignment has been finalized, you will receive your housing assignment, the Housing Notification Sheet/ Pro-forma Invoice along with the payment information. You will be liable for the full semester's housing bill and will not qualify for any refund if:

  • you leave the Host Family Housing arrangement through the University after having taken occupancy and remain enrolled on the Madrid Campus;
  • you are suspended from Host Family Housing arranged through the University for disciplinary reasons for a period of time; or,
  • you are expelled from the University and/or from Host Family Housing arranged through the University for disciplinary reasons.

Confirming your Housing Reservation

In order to confirm your reservation, you must make the semester payment in full by the date indicated on the Housing Notification Sheet and submit the signed Host Family or Residence Agreement. Failure to make payment by the deadline will result in cancellation of the housing assignment. If, for some reason, you are unable to make payment on time, or if you have questions about your assignment, please contact the Housing Coordinator in Madrid ( before your assigned payment deadline. Prompt payment allows us to make housing assignments quickly and fairly.

Continuing Students: Students currently in Host Family Housing arranged through the University who fail to make payments according to schedule will not be allowed to reserve Host Family Housing arranged through the University for a subsequent semester.

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