Health Education and Awareness

SLU-Madrid does not have a medical center on campus. Its Student Life staff as well as its counselors, however, may serve as liaisons between students and doctors, even going with them to hospital or to different practitioners when needed.

If you have a question related to your health, from filling a prescription to finding a yoga class in your neighborhood, our staff is ready to help you find the answer or connect you to a health professional who can help you. Our Counseling Center staff is also available to help with mental-health issues.

Alcohol and Drug Education: SLU-Madrid's Student Life staff work closely with faculty and staff to foster a campus culture that emphasizes responsible decision-making as it relates to alcohol and drugs. We also support a campus culture that embraces the prevention of drug and alcohol abuse and that emphasizes reduction in harm and negative outcomes for students. We will provide programs that emphasize responsible choices and offer alcohol-free alternative programs for students who choose not to drink.

SLU-Madrid's Counseling Services are a resource to assist with a variety of health concerns that can connect to substance abuse/misuse issues. For more information, the Student Development Office in St. Louis has a list of online resources that to raise student awareness about the use and abuse of alcohol and drugs. Click here.

Suicide Prevention: SLU-Madrid's Counseling Emergency number (609 269 323) will connect any student to highly trained, compassionate counselor at Sinews Multilingual Therapy Institute 24 hours per day.

If you need more information about suicide or suicide prevention, consider participating in Saint Louis University's Ask, Listen, Refer training program, designed for all students, faculty, and staff of the Saint Louis University community to help prevent suicide. Click here for more information.

Eating Disorders: Eating disorders — such as anorexia, bulimia, and binge-eating disorder — include extreme emotions, attitudes, and behaviors surrounding weight and food issues. Eating disorders are serious emotional and physical problems that can have life-threatening consequences for females and males.

If you are concerned about a friend or yourself, SLU-Madrid's Counseling Services can help arrange for an initial assessment to determine if there is an eating disorder.

Pregnancy: Registered students have access to pregnancy tests through their Sanitas health coverage.

In case of an unexpected pregnancy, you may seek SLU-Madrid Counseling Services for counseling and/or phone the Spanish Unexpected Pregnancy Help Line: 900 500 505 (free call). This Help Line will put you in touch with a network of more than 40 different entities in Madrid who will provide you from counseling services to a whole year of accommodation and resources for you and your baby. Look up this network at Red de Apoyo a Jóvenes Embarazadas de la Comunidad de Madrid or look up, if you are in Spain but do not live in the Community of Madrid.

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