Medical Emergencies

Spain's National Emergency Number is 112.

Never hesitate to telephone local or national emergency phone numbers, especially if the situation is life-threatening. While dialing 112 is not covered by your Sanitas health coverage, your safety comes first.

MEDICAL EMERGENCIES in Madrid. Please be sure to have your Sanitas card on hand and ask to be taken to:

Calle General Rodrigo 8
Tel.: 91 453 02 00
(2 minute walking distance from Campus)

Plaza Conde del Valle Suchil, 16.
(Metro: San Bernardo, Lines 2 and 4)
Tel.: 91 447 6600

Príncipe de Vergara, 53
(Metro: Núñez de Balboa, Lines 5 and 9)
Tel.: 91 435 91 00

Juan Bravo, 39
(Metro: Diego de León, Lines 4, 5 and 6)
Tel.: 91 402 2100

If you are not in Madrid, phone Sanitas using the number listed at the back of your Sanitas card and ask where you can go.

SLU-Madrid's Emergency Number is +34 638 763 758.

This telephone is managed by its Student Life team. In the event that you have been injured or have become a victim of or witness to a crime or act of violence, please call +34 638 763 758. Leave a message, if we don't answer immediately: we will call you back. This phone number is ONLY for health and safety emergencies. Please call once you have contacted 112 or you are at one of the hospitals listed above. If you find yourself in legal trouble or need official documentation replaced (such as a passport or visa), SLU-Madrid Student Life staff may not be able to assist you.

SLU-Madrid's 24-hour Counseling Emergency Number is +34 609 269 323.

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