Residency in Spain

Please read this page carefully. If you are not a Spanish citizen, it is important that you make sure that your documents are in order to reside legally and study in Spain. SLU-Madrid may assist you in the process. However, your legal status in Spain is ultimately your responsibility.

SLU-Madrid requires students to provide evidence of their legal residency in Spain. Failure to present the appropriate student visa upon arrival or to maintain legal residency as a student will result in immediate withdrawal from classes and expulsion from university housing; refunds will be issued according to the refund policy.

Will you be studying at SLU-Madrid for more than one semester?

According to Spanish authorities you have thirty days (30 days) after entering any country of the European Union including – Spain – to apply for your TIE Tarjeta de Identificación de Extranjeros or Tarjeta de Residencia (Residency Card). The Spanish government takes this seriously and you should make certain that your documents are in order.

The Spanish authorities may modify the process to obtain a Tarjeta de Residencia at any time. The University is not notified by the Spanish authorities when these changes occur; however, the information on this page is updated as soon as SLU-Madrid learns of any modifications.

1. If you currently hold a 90-day Student Visa, you must obtain a Tarjeta de Residencia (Residency Card), please click here >>
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NOTE: SLU-Madrid assists currently registered students with this process checking that day submit the necessary documentation to the Spanish authorities when they apply for their initial Tarjeta de Residencia. However, it is the student's responsibility to follow procedures as stated by the Spanish authorities with regard to this matter, as well as to keep copies of all documentation submitted for processing.

2. If you currently hold a 90-day Student Visa, and you are under 18 years old, prior to coming to Spain you must have the documentation stated in the section "Visas for minors" here and check in Student Life that you have all the necessary documentation prior to submitting your residence card application.

3. If you need to renew your tarjeta de residencia, please click here >>
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Documents supporting the renewal of your Tarjeta de Residencia can be delivered to C/ García de Paredes, 65 no earlier than 60 days prior to the card’s expiration date, and no later than 90 days after it expires. If the last day to deliver documents lands on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, deliver the documents to C/ García de Paredes, 65 no later than the last workday prior to its expiration.

  • If you do not deliver all of the necessary documentation in time, you will have to start the whole visa process over from scratch in your home country!
  • If you are in the process of renewing your Residency Card and must travel outside of the Schengen Area, you are responsible for obtaining a Re-entry permit (Autorización de Regreso). For more information, click here.
  • Due to changing laws in the renewal process, the University may not be held responsible for the outcome of this process. SLU-Madrid can only advise students to the extent of its knowledge at the time of renewal. It is the student's responsibility to complete the renewal process and apply for an Autorización de Regreso if necessary for travel within the processing period. Some of our students have found that contracting an immigration lawyer is helpful.

Students who have lost their Tarjeta de Estudiante or had it stolen should first file a police report (denuncia), fill out form EX-17, and deliver a copy of the police report along with two copies of EX-17 and passport to Avenida de los Poblados, s/n [Metro: Aluche (Line 5)] from Monday through Friday, 9:00 am-1:00 pm. At this visit you will be given a follow-up appointment.

For more information about Tarjeta de Estudiante or Autorización de Regreso matters, please contact Student Life (

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