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Transfer to SLU Missouri or Another University

Students wishing to transfer to another university or to the St. Louis Campus of Saint Louis University should read the Campus Life News for information on various meetings throughout the year. At these meetings we explain the documents needed for transfer, and answer any questions that students may have about the process. Families are also welcome to attend.

Meetings are generally held in September for students wanting to transfer in January for the start of the Spring semester, and in January for students wanting to transfer for Summer or Fall semesters. Follow-up meetings are also usually held for students who have additional questions, or who missed the first meeting.

Deadlines to keep in mind:

  • January transfer students to the St. Louis Campus: All documents due by 15 OCTOBER.
  • Summer/August transfer students to the St. Louis Campus: All documents due by 15 MARCH.
  • Remember! Housing deadlines are often earlier than document deadlines. For students needing housing in St. Louis, it is very important to attend meetings and find out when housing deadlines are.

Intra-University Transfer Form (for students transferring to the St. Louis Campus).

Students with additional questions should contact Academic Advising.

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