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The B.S. in Economics program will help you to develop strong ethical, technical and professional skills, and provides in-depth expertise in economics. The curriculum is completely integrated into that of the St. Louis Campus in Missouri. In fact, economics students are encouraged to take advantage of the seamless relationship between the degree programs at each campus by completing a semester abroad (in either Madrid or St. Louis). Students who wish to pursue this program have two options:

  1. Complete the entire undergraduate program in Spain with the Richard A. Chaifetz School of Business (JCSB) in Missouri as the degree-granting entity.
  2. Enroll in the Economics degree program at the Madrid Campus and transfer freely between the St. Louis and Madrid campuses over the course of the undergraduate degree program.

Major Requirements

The core principles of economics apply to everyday events and global relations. SLU-Madrid offers a program of study in which students obtain insights into these principles while learning how to apply them to various situations and settings.


ECON 3010 Introduction to Econometrics

Five of the following courses:

ECON 3850 Political Economy of the European Union
ECON 4160 History of Economic Analysis
ECON 4200 Money and Banking
ECON 4300 International Trade
ECON 4310 Exchange Rates and the Global Economy
ECON 4450 Economics of International Migration
ECON 4560 Economic Development

Sample Program of Study

Checklist for BS in Economics

Semester I Semester II
ENGL 1500 The Process of Composition ENGL 1900 Advanced Strategies of Rhetoric and Research
PSY 1010 General Psychology ECON 1900 Principles of Economics
MATH 1200 College Algebra MATH 1320 Survey of Calculus
Natural Science PHIL 1050 Historical Intro. to Philosophy
ITM 2000 Intro. to Management Information Systems  Elective 

Semester I Semester II
MGT 2000 Legal Environment of Business ACCT 2220 Managerial Accounting
ACCT 2200 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting OPM 2070 Intro. to Business Statistics
THEO 1000 Theological Foundations ECON 3120 Intermediate Macroeconomics
CMM 1200 Intro. to Public Speaking ENGL 2020, 2200, 2300, or 2400
MGT 3000 Management Theory and Practice HIST 1110/1120

Semester I Semester II
PHIL 2050 Ethics THEO 2XXX or 3XXX
ENGL 3XXX Literature or Art MKT 3000 Intro. to Marketing Management 
ECON 3140 Intermediate Microeconomics Economics Concentration
FIN 3010 Principles of Finance OPM 3050 Intro. to Management Sciences and Production Systems
IB 2000 Intro. to International Business ECON 3010 Intro. to Econometrics

Semester I Semester II
Economics Concentration Economics Concentration
Economics Concentration  Economics Concentration
Social Science MGT 4000 Strategic Management and Business Policy
Natural Science BIZ 4000
Elective Social Science

Study Abroad

Economics students can enhance their cultural awareness by studying abroad. Both the Madrid and St. Louis Campuses offer exceptional opportunities for students to spend a semester or a year at institutions around the world!

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Study Abroad from the St. Louis Campus >>

What can Students do with an Economics Degree?

Our economics program is interdisciplinary and prepares students for careers with multinational corporations, financial institutions or government agencies. Our economics graduates typically find private-sector jobs in banking, consulting, insurance, real estate, brokerage firms, marketing, data management, budgeting, general management and sales. Government agencies employ economists to work in finance, labor, urban economics and international trade, among other fields. Finally, international organizations and nonprofits - such as the Brookings Institute, the IMF and the World Bank - seek economists to carry out research and analysis.

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accredited by AACSB

The Richard A. Chaifetz School of Business undergraduate and graduate programs are accredited by AACSB International -- the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, the premier accrediting agency for degree programs in business.

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