Science and Engineering Preparation Year

civil engineeringThe Pre-Engineering Program is designed for students who are not yet prepared to enter the engineering degree program. The program consists of courses in mathematics, physics, computer science and English as Second Language (ESL). The program provides a foundation in basic science and mathematics, thereby developing the skills necessary to pursue an engineering degree.

Pre-Engineering Program Objectives

  • You will obtain the mathematical and scientific foundation to successfully embark on a bachelor's degree in engineering.
  • You will be introduced to a variety of science concepts and engineering processes across a range of disciplines, and will carry out basic experiments in physics.
  • You will develop your communication and computer skills to effectively retrieve information, write reports and make presentations.
  • You will improve in writing, speaking and reading comprehension through ESL classes.


To be admitted in the Pre-Engineering Program, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Be a prospective engineering student with:
    • Mathematics placement test score: College Algebra (MATH 1205) or similar
    • TOEFL PBT score of 480-547 points (or equivalent)

Admission into Engineering Programs

You will be considered eligible for admission into an engineering program when you have satisfactorily completed the following minimum requirements in the Pre-Engineering Program:

  • Obtained a grade of C- or higher in Pre-Calculus (MATH 1400)
  • Obtained a grade of C- or higher in Computer Science (CSCI 1010)
  • Obtained a grade of C- or higher in General Physics II/Lab (PHYS 1330 and PHYS 1340)
  • Obtained a score in the TOEFL test and TWE (Test of Written English) of 550 and 4.0 (or equivalent), respectively.

Note: You are allowed to stay a maximum of one year, or two semesters, in the Pre- Engineering Program.

Examination and Assessment

Student assessment is carried out through examinations, assessment tests and evaluation of the work done in laboratories, workshops and projects.


Saint Louis University-Madrid Campus, Spain

ESL classes TBD ESL classes TBD
MATH 1200 College Algebra 3 MATH 1400 Pre-Calculus 3
PHYS 1310 Physics I 3 PHYS 1330 Physics II 3
PHYS 1320 Physics I Lab 1 PHYS 1340 Physics II Lab 1
CSCI 1010 Intro to Computer Science Principles 3 15

The following Mathematics course sequence will be adopted if the score on the Mathematics placement test indicates that the student should register for Intermediate Algebra (MATH 096):

Course Credits
MATH 0260 Intermediate Algebra 3

Course Credits
MATH 1200 College Algebra 3

Course Credits
MATH 1400 Pre-Calculus 3


For general enquiries about the Pre-Science & Engineering Year, please contact:
Taieb Gasmi PhD
Pre-Science & Engineering Year Coordinator
Tel: +34-915545858, Ext.: 217

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