Studio Art Minor

See and think like a visual artist.
SLU Madrid's new studio, located in San Ignacio Hall, provides a creative space on campus for students to explore their natural gifts.
Each semester, our studio art faculty offer classes in drawing, design, painting, color theory and sculpture: independent study options are also available.
Our faculty members, like their counterparts in St. Louis, are role-models of professional artistic practice and provide a link for students to the exciting art community of Madrid. Faculty exhibit in galleries and museums, share works in progress in the classroom, and provide connections to other professional European artists.

Requirements for the Minor

21 credit hours of ART and ARTH courses, which must include:

Art Foundation Core - 12 credits
ART 2000 Drawing I (3 credits)
ART 2100 Design (3 credits)
ART 2120 Three Dimensional Design (3 credits)
ART 2150 Color Theory (3 credits)

Art History - 3 credits
Any ARTH course (3 credits)

Studio Art Courses - 6 creditss
Two 2000-level courses outside of the Art Foundation Core or a 2000-level and a 3000-level course in one medium.

Higher purpose. Greater good.
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