"Join a close-knit, international community of actors and crew and allow yourself and your view of the world to be transformed through the magic of theatre. It's an unforgettable experience."

Cary Barney M.F.A.
Program Director, Fine and Performing Arts

Each semester, the theatre program at SLU-Madrid offers you the experience of producing live drama, both onstage and backstage. These productions will challenge you to consider diverse values, viewpoints and expressions of the creative imagination, while providing you with an opportunity to learn and practice theatre protocol and craft in a collaborative atmosphere. Apart from production, the Acting course immerses you in a revealing, joyous discipline, imparting skills that are also useful in non-theatrical settings such as those of law, training, sales, promotion, marketing and other types of presentations; and Playscript Analysis teaches you how to read a play and see all of its theatrical possibilities on the stage of your imagination.

For more information about our productions and classes, contact Professor Cary Barney.

Cary Barney, M.F.A., Coordinator

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