Health Sciences (premed track)

Saint Louis University-St. Louis (SLU-STL) offers an undergraduate degree in health sciences with a flexible curriculum that will prepare students for a variety of careers in health care. Offered through the SLU-STL Doisy College of Health Sciences (DCHS), this degree is a path for students interested in entering a non-clinical, health-related field. It also offers a solid, scientific undergraduate education for students pursuing a pre-professional track (such as pre-medicine, pre-occupational therapy, and pre-physician assistant) who wish to go on to earn an advanced degree.

You will complete your first-year and second-year coursework at SLU-Madrid. Then, you will transfer to the campus in St. Louis, Missouri located in the United States, for your junior and senior (third and fourth year) coursework. If you choose to study two years in Madrid followed by two years in St. Louis, you will receive the same degree as health sciences students who study all four years at the St. Louis campus; all health sciences students receive a Saint Louis University Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences degree.

You will complete core curriculum of classes that include study of the U.S. health care system, medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, human development and neuroscience. You will become familiar with electronic health systems, consumer health care issues and legal aspects of health care. This flexible degree program allows for diverse areas of concentration, so you will be able to focus on those areas of health science that most interest them.

You may apply to the Health Sciences Pre-Med track, which, while providing you with a degree in Health Sciences, also allows you to complete courses required for application to medical schools. It is important to note that acceptance into the Program in Health Sciences does not guarantee admission into Medical School or other advanced-degree programs upon graduation. You will have to complete a separate application process at each institution you wish to attend to pursue such advanced degrees.

What Can You Do With a Health Sciences Degree from SLU?

Earning a B.S. in Health Sciences prepares you for a variety of non-clinical employment opportunities within health care. Career options for graduates with an undergraduate degree in health sciences include:

  • Health care coordinator
  • Case manager
  • Health services manager
  • Privacy officer
  • Corporate wellness administrator
  • Medico legal death investigator
  • Patient advocate/patient navigator
  • Health literacy educator 
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