Computer Science Major

computer science
Computer science is an exciting and challenging field that has an ever-greater impact on most aspects of everyday life. These areas include medicine, communications, automotive technology, weather forecasting, entertainment, mining, pharmacology, forensics, manufacturing, disaster recovery, security, law and business. 

As for growing fields related to computer science, one can mention security analysis and its applications in face recognition, email patterns, finding odd behavior in a crowd and breaking codes. Another growth area is bioinformatics which analyzes gene-sequence data to search for disease markers. Game programming is also a very fast growing field where games have surpassed movies in income production. Artificial intelligence in medicine is used to build expert systems which make diagnoses or check for drug interactions. Medical imaging requires complicated 3-D image processing made up of graphics and intense computing power. Communications iconstitutes a huge field and will remain a big employer. Issues that are addressed include networking, data encoding, encryption and wireless technology. 

Job opportunities in computer science and software engineering are outstanding! In the U.S. there are currently more computer science and software engineering jobs than all other engineering jobs combined. So join us!

Visit the Computer Science Department at the St. Louis Campus.

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