Mathematics Major

You might think that mathematics is an excessively demanding intellectual pursuit, or you may actually consider it to be fun. But regardless of the group you identify most with, there are practical reasons to aim for a major or a minor in mathematics, even if math is not your main career path.

  • It develops analytical skills and the ability to work in a problem-solving environment.
  • Employers value these skills; math majors find themselves in demand in a wide variety of careers, such as finance, research in social sciences, biomedicine, biotechnology, cryptography, statistics or computer science.
  • It can make you stand out from the rest when looking for a job. 
  • In addition to higher pay, a math major's employment promises higher levels of job satisfaction (source

Academic Program

As a student, you will pursue a degree in mathematics both in SLU-Madrid and in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science in SLU-Missouri.

We strongly recommend that you follow the sequence of math courses in a continuous way. Our experience shows that when this sequence is somehow disrupted, academic results fall significantly.

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