Language Exchanges

For anyone interested in a language exchange, there is a bulletin board located on the first floor of Padre Rubio Hall (Avenida del Valle, 28) next to the Modern Languages and ESL Department Office. If you cannot see any language exchanges that suit you already posted on the board, fill out one of the forms there and put it up.

The most common languages up for exchange are English, Spanish, Arabic, French, German, and Chinese, although we sometimes have other languages offered too.

What is a Language Exchange?

The idea of a language exchange is to learn/ perfect a language that you are interested in, while teaching your native language, with someone that you enjoy speaking with: the result of a successful exchange is not only language but also friendship.

When you contact an exchange partner, see when you are free, establish a meeting place, and give a brief description of yourself or what you are wearing so that you can recognize each other. We recommend that you meet for the first time in the university cafeteria at the table immediately to the left of the door as you walk in… remember an exchange should be fun, so combine it with coffee or a meal!

Most of the exchange forms on this board are filled out by SLU students, but it is possible that other people may participate, which is a great opportunity to make friends from outside the campus: however, just to ensure that your exchange partner is who she or he says, we advise you to meet for the first exchange at SLU.

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