Biology Major

SLU-Madrid and the Department of Biology at Saint Louis University offer a B.A. in Biological Science and five specialized B.S. degree program concentrations that will allow Biology majors to focus their degree programs on specific areas of Biology.

  1. B.S. in Biology - Biological Sciences concentration
  2. B.S. in Biology - Biological Chemistry & Molecular Biology Concentration
  3. B.S. in Biology - Cell Biology & Physiology Concentration
  4. B.S. in Biology - Ecology, Evolution & Conservation Concentration
  5. B.S. in Biology - Plant Sciences concentration

Biology Across Continents

The SLU-Madrid biology academic curriculum is completely integrated with that of the College of Arts and Sciences of the Saint Louis-Missouri campus. You can transfer between the two campuses over the course of your undergraduate degree program. If you begin the biology program in Madrid, you will be required to transfer to the St. Louis Campus to complete your degree. However, your can transfer the academic credits you earn while studying in Madrid to other U.S. universities, should you wish to. Upon transfer to the St. Louis Campus, you will interact with the Missouri Botanical Garden, the St. Louis Zoological Park, the Saint Louis University School of Medicine, the Pediatric Research Institute and Cardinal Glennon Hospital.

Find out about the Biology Department in St. Louis, Missouri.

In keeping with the Jesuit tradition of promoting the development of the whole person, the biology programs - like our other natural science programs - requires the Core Curriculum of College of Arts and Sciences. This Core provides a framework for acquiring a broad foundation of knowledge in the humanities, natural sciences and social sciences. At the same time, the Core fosters intellectual inquiry, ethical decision-making, and effective communication across the disciplines.

Courses are offered in English at SLU-Madrid. Spanish and international students normally enroll in our intensive English as a Second Language (ESL) program during their first year of study. 

Study Abroad and Biology

Saint Louis University-Madrid Campus offers a study-abroad experience for science students in their sophomore or junior years for up to two semesters. In addition to science courses, students may enroll in a variety of other classes. The University boasts of modern physics, biology, chemistry and engineering labs. Students have access to a small campus reference library and to public and private libraries in Madrid. 

For the complete current listing of courses, visit our Study Abroad Web >>

Graduate Opportunities

Some graduates do professional research for various agencies and corporations. Institutional research, often affiliated with private or public universities and philanthropic foundations, offers a variety of research and development opportunities. 

Other employment opportunities for biology graduates include positions at museums, zoological and botanical gardens, hospitals, and various agencies. Graduates may also pursue careers in education, business, sales, and management with chemical, pharmaceutical, or scientific equipment manufacturers.

Graduate students may also carry out postgraduate studies that lead to Master of Science or Ph.D. in their field of interest.

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