The International Studies Program in Madrid, Spain

International Studies is an interdisciplinary program consisting of 31 credit hours which must be combined with another major. The area of the other major varies according to the student's interests, for example: political science, business, communication, modern languages, etc.

Why should you pursue a second major in international studies?

  • You are seeking to bring an international dimension to your careers.
  • You are interested in enhancing your education by deepening your understanding of global concerns.

Why International Studies?

The demands of living in an ever-shrinking, ever more competitive global environment are becoming increasingly evident as societies the world over face new challenges in our global village. Political, economic, and social structures in both hemispheres are in flux. Technological developments are vastly broadening our network of information and communication, overriding traditional notions of national borders and revolutionizing our concept of doing business. Increasingly, our dealings with society, the environment and the workplace are becoming global in scope. With an individualized area of concentration in international studies, you will learn your unique place as a citizen of the world.

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Mission Statement

The International Studies program at Saint Louis University offers students a cross-disciplinary approach to historical, political, and socioeconomic issues in our global society. Addressing topics of contemporary culture and society, the program is designed to develop skills and knowledge in students seeking to bring an international dimension to their careers. In conjunction with another area of study, our double-major program enhances students' education by focusing on the complex interrelationships of international affairs in the 21st century.

Laura Tedesco, Ph.D., Madrid Advisor

Julia Madej, International Studies Major, at her internship at BeMadrid.

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