Psychology is the science of human behavior, encompassing a wide range of methods and topics, from brain function to cultural influences. Psychology helps students to better understand themselves and others. The study of psychology builds students' analytical skills and scientific research methods, which can be applied to a number of fields and to a variety of subjects.

As a psychology student at the Madrid Campus, you will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through bilingual clinical practica at local clinics and through their capstone research projects.

What can Students do with a Degree in Psychology?

Psychologists work in a wide variety of contexts, including clinical, legal, organizational, educational and research settings in both the private and public sector. Psychology majors may pursue graduate studies in specific professional areas, such as clinical, counseling, forensic, experimental and industrial-organizational psychology. In addition, a degree in psychology prepares students for careers in fields such as health care, human resources, education, law and business.

Laurie Mazzuca, Ph.D., Director

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