The Psychology Capstone is a requirement to complete the Psychology Major. The Capstone is completed during senior year of the Psychology Major, and is a comprehensive experience which integrates students' interests with their ability to apply knowledge and skills acquired during the course of their studies.

In this weekly seminar, students integrate and apply previous coursework in psychology to design creative solutions to real-world problems in our communities and workplaces.

Capstone students learn through active inquiry and experiential, hands-on learning. They conduct research and debate with one another, with the goal of using their critical thinking skills and knowledge of psychological theories to address issues that directly affect the Madrid campus community. Semester-long participation in the Capstone seminar culminates in the creation and presentation of a unique project designed to both educate and stimulate discussion about psychology and the application of psychological research on campus.

Fall 2017 Psychology Capstone Group Projects:

• How Well Do you Acculturate?

Capstone students invited passersby to grab a snack and spin a wheel at the "How Well Do you Acculturate?" booth in SIH lobby. The question indicated by the spinner on the wheel served to break the ice with participants and stimulate reflection on their own process of acculturating to life in Madrid. Participants learned about acculturation strategies, acculturative stress, and how to employ a "reflective" coping style. The capstone students even defined a list of advice created especially for SLU-Madrid students to assist them in acculturating. All of the information was presented in a booklet that participants could take with them to read in detail. More info >>


Fall 2016 Psychology Capstone Group Projects:

• Memory Enhancement Project

In this Capstone project, students educated the campus community on the nature of memory and offered techniques for improving both long-term and short-term memory. The Capstone students talked to faculty, staff and students in the SIH Lobby about how exercise, certain foods, sleep and music can refine our ability to recall information. Using memory games such as the electronic game "Simon Says," a memory card game, and a "foosball" table, the students discussed the way in which games can increase memory. They displayed foods that can enrich recall abilities such as chewing gum and flavanol-rich chocolate, and also talked about the benefits of music and rest. Taking place two weeks before final exams, the Memory Enhancement Project was both timely and useful for students and faculty alike! More info >>

Charity Bake Sale for Women

This group of Capstone students wanted to increase awareness of gender inequality in the workplace. As many students will soon become members of the workforce, they believed it was important for SLU-Madrid students to develop an understanding of how gender stereotyping affects both men and women. Faculty and staff also benefited from the presentation, as they enhanced their knowledge of this complex issue. Capstone students not only educated about gender stereotypes, but also proposed solutions that our campus community could implement to reduce gender inequality, both on and off campus. While hosting a bake sale in which all the proceeds went to Mujeres en Igualdad, a women's rights and equality organization, the students engaged members of the SLU-Madrid community in discussions about gender inequality as they enjoyed their sweet treats. More info >>

Third Culture Kids

This Capstone project focused on the complexities of cultural identity and how having a multicultural upbringing can affect a one's personal and social development. The Capstone students spent the semester researching topics such as third culture kids, reverse culture shock and cultural identity clarity. With such a diverse student body, the project was especially relevant to the SLU-Madrid community, and many members of the SLU-Madrid community participated in the project presentation. Through personal discussion and activities, the students addressed some of the common problems that may result from having mixed cultural identities and they provided resources for seeking help. More info >>

Negotiating the Job of Your Life: An Introduction to Assertiveness

Psychology Capstone students conducted a Career Services seminar for seniors, in cooperation with the Career Services Department, designed to help job seekers improve their assertiveness skills. The seminar focused on identifying and enhancing prosocial assertiveness skills that seniors could apply in real-life situations, such as during a job interview. Participants even engaged in job interview role-plays in preparation for the challenges facing them upon graduation. More info >>
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