Olga Ramírez Calle


Office Location: San Ignacio Hall
Telephone: 91 554 58 58 - Ext.: 229


Ph.D., (Dr. Phil) J. W. Goethe Universität Frankfurt am Main
M.Phil. Thesis, (Tesina) University of Granada, Spain
M.Phil. Degree University of Granada, Spain



Areas of

- Both analytic and continental traditions
- Moral Philosophy, Meta-ethics (Moral Realism, Discourse Ethics, Habermas, Rawls, Hare)
- Philosophy of Language and Logic
- Realism/ Antirealism (Theory of Truth)
- Self-knowledge
- Kantian Philosophy

Area of

Meta-ethics, Philosophy of Language and Logic, Self-knowledge


2014 The Ground of Inference. A Study in Amazon Create Space Indep. Pub. Platform, April (First version, 2012)

2011, Ramírez Calle, O. : Online publication of my PhD Thesis University of Frankfurt, Academic Publications: Konsequenzen der postempiristischen Sprachphilosophie für die Metaethische Diskussion. (Moralischer Realismus und die Frage nach der Begründung der Moral)

Also published as E-Book Dissertation in Grin Verlag in http://www.grin.com/de/e-book/176516/konsequenzen-der-post-empiristischen-sprachphilosophie-fuer-die-metaethische#inside , ISBN 9783640978533

2008, Ramírez Calle, O.: Online publication of my MPhil Thesis: Truth as Superassertibility: A Study on Crispin Wright's 'Truth and Objectivity' in Ediesser, Libros SL, Carcaixent  ISBN: 978-84-92488-30-8, 2008.


2017 "Tracing the Territory. A Unitary Foundational Account" Logos and Episteme, Volume VIII, Issue 1, March pp.71-95 http://logos-and- episteme.acadiasi.ro, https://philpapers.org/rec/RAMTTT-2

2012, “Boghossian’s ‘Blind-Reasoning’ Conditionalization and Thick Ethical Concepts’ invited paper for a Special Number in Meta-Ethics of the Polish Philosophical Quarterly EPQ, Volume 3, Issue 1, pp. 31-52 http://ethicsinprogress.org/?p=934 , also in Phil-Papers http://philpapers.org/archive/RAMBBR.3.pdf, included in the publication above The Ground of inference.

2011: “Between Realism and Non-Cognitivism in Ethics, A Three Fold Model” published in Prolegomena, Croatia, 10(1)2011 pp.101-112 

2010 "Richard Hare en Perspectiva" in Telos: Revista Iberoamericana de Estudios Utilitaristas. Special issue of the Journal in Honor of Prof. Esperanza Guisán. V.17, Nº2, pp. 209-225

2008 " The truth of moral statements and the search for a realist foundation of morality" EPISTEME NS, Vol. 28, pp. 89-114, 2008-I

2009 A second version in a special issue of the Revista Portuguesa de Filosofía Vol. 65 SUPL., pp. 217-236, “La Pregunta por la Verdad de los Enunciados Morales y la Busqueda de una Fundamentación Realista de la Moral”, Universidad de Braga. Facultad de Filosofía.

2008 "Different Ways to Follow Rules, The Case of Ethics" contribution to the 31 Internationalen Wittgenstein Symposiums, selected through the project Agora 2011 and available as Wittgenstein secondary literature.

2007 "Condensed Ethics, Normativity and the Ingredients of Morality" (o "La verdad en moral”) in the Proceedings of the Fifth Conference of the Spanish Society for Analytic Philosophy, Barcelona, pp. ? September


English-Spanish: Jane Mansbridge: "On the Importance of getting things done", Las Torres de Lucca No 1 (2012) pp. 57- 82 with Gustavo Castel

German Spanish: Lutz Wingert's: "Citizenship and Market Economy or: What is really systemically important in Democracy? " No1 (2012) pp. 7-55 together with Juan Antonio Fernandez Manzano

German Spanish: Lutz Wingert's "Democracy Today: investors sovereignty or civic representation?', Las Torres de Lucca, No 0 (2012) pp.29-41, with Ulrike de la Torre Fladl

Publication Activities

Founding Member of the Editorial Board for the Journal Ciencia Cognitiva at the University of Granada, Spain http://medina-psicologia.ugr.es/cienciacognitiva/

Founding Member of the Editorial Board of the new Online-Journal of Political Philosophy Las Torres de Luca edited by the Complutense Univesity of Madrid http://www.lastorresdelucca.org/ 

& Congreses

TALK: "Pattern recognition" American Society for Aesthetics, Pacific Division Annual Meeting, Asilomar Conference Ground, Pacific Grove, April 5-7, 2017

TALK: "Meaning, Art and Patterns" International Conference on Meaning, Art and Culture, organized by the Kolkata Institute of Crosscultural Studies NC, US, January 5-7, 2017

INVITED TALK: "Ethics and the Internet". Main speaker at the International Symposium on Global Education, Preparing for the Future, Silver City, Western University, New Mexico, November 1-3, 2013

TALK: “Blind-Reasoning, Necessity and Epistemic Conditions on the XX SIUCC Workshop with Crispin Wright, University of Barcelona, 14-16 2011

TALK:  ‘A 3 Fold Model. Between Realism and Non-Cognitivism in Ethics, International Conference on Metaphysics, Language and Morality, University of Zagreb 1-3 December 2010

TALK: “Williamson on Pejoratives” Seminar organized by the UNED, Madrid, 20 April 2010

TALK: “Reason and Nature. McDowell, Kant and Peacocke on Perception” on the II Workshop on Science and Rationality: Naturalism and Bounded Rationality, Granada 2008  

TALK: “Different Ways to Follow Rules? The Case of Ethics” 31 Internationalen Wittgenstein Symposiums Kirchberg am Wechsel, Austria, August 2008

TALK: “Richard Hare on Perspective”, University of Granada V Internacional Congress of the Iberoamerican Society on Utilitarist Studies (5CSIEU), 26-28 September 2007

TALK: “The truth of moral statements” V Congress of the Spanish Society for Analytic Philosophy (V-SEFA), University of Barcelona, 2007

TALK: “The truth of moral statements and the search for a realist foundation of morality” at the Symposium on Theories of Truth organized by the Research Group on Truth, Knowledge and Values at the University of Granada, 19-20.04.2007

TALK: “Following a Rule in Ethics, McDowell and Moral Realism” at the Seminar-Colloquium Works in Construction. (TeC) in the University Granada, 2006

Invited participant (eingeladene Diskutandin) at the Symposium on R. Brandom “Verstehen aus der Sicht von Brandom und Heidegger” organized by the Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaftand the Ungarischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, Hungary, 22.09.-26.09.2006

Invited CONFERENCE: “Moralischer Realismus und Diskursethik” in a Series of Conferences on Moral Realism at the J. Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main, 28.06.2006



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