History Major

History is the basis of all human experience and consequently forms an essential part of our understanding of everyday life. History students are taught information-processing skills that remain in strong demand in the ever-changing job market: analytical thinking, effective use of evidence, research, writing skills, rhetorical abilities and an understanding of cultural differences. Aside from the job market, however, history provides the social and cultural resources necessary to approach the challenges of present-day society and our membership in a global community.

To complete our B.A. in History, you will study at both of Saint Louis University's campuses: Madrid and St. Louis. Few places in the world offer as many Spanish history courses in English as the Madrid Campus. Our internationally recognized faculty have expertise in Medieval, Early Modern and Modern European history, with special interests in the interaction of Spain's Christian, Jewish and Muslim cultures, Colonial Latin America, the Spanish Civil War and the Classical Hellenistic World. At the campus in St. Louis, academic areas of specialization include the 20th century American West, immigration, women's civic and social movements and the African American experience.

John R. Welch, Ph.D., Chair, Humanities Division

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