Philosophy Minor

For almost two centuries, Saint Louis University has promoted philosophical thinking in the Jesuit-Catholic tradition. The Philosophy Department is characterized by a pluralism of methodologies and interests, with faculty bringing various versions of analytic philosophy, pragmatism, critical theory, continental philosophy, and Thomism to bear on a wide range of topical areas: philosophy of religion, philosophy of science, philosophical anthropology, epistemology, logic, metaphysics, ethics, social and political philosophy, aesthetics, and various interdisciplinary areas. Despite this diversity, the department is unified in the value it places on the history of philosophy by ensuring that the four historical periods of ancient, medieval, modern, and contemporary are well covered by faculty in regular course offerings. Individual professors have strong records of scholarly achievement in many areas of philosophy; the department has gained national and international recognition in medieval philosophy, philosophy of religion, and socio-political philosophy.

The Madrid Campus offers a full range of courses in Philosophy, including courses on Spanish philosophy, medical ethics, business ethics, the meaning of life, and Latin American philosophy. Courses that fulfill the university’s liberal arts core requirements count toward both the Philosophy major and minor and enhance the study-abroad experience for visiting students.

Requirements for the Major (residence in St. Louis required)

Department of Philosophy in St. Louis, Missouri

John R. Welch, Ph.D., Chair, Humanities Division

Higher purpose. Greater good.
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