Words matter. SLU Madrid English majors are word masters. They gain in-depth knowledge of the richly varied forms in British, U.S., and world literature in English, with an international edge and increased intercultural awareness. Their strong research, analytic, and communication skills prepare them for a wide range of professions.

Unique Features of our English Programs

  • Gain a global perspective on English.
  • Tailor requirements to your goals in a close-knit department with supportive mentoring.
  • Develop career skills through coursework and internships.

English Majors Get Jobs!

The English major is excellent preparation for graduate work in English, teaching, editing. It also prepares students for a wide range of professions that require strong analytic, research, and writing skills (e.g., law, medicine, journalism). Studying literature fosters emotional intelligence, empathy, and strong communication skills—assets in life, as well as any career.

English major or minor is an excellent complement to Business, Engineering, Political Science, or Psychology. A major or minor in English demonstrates cultural and linguistic proficiency for non-native speakers seeking work in English-speaking environments.
Increase these possibilities by doing an internship, preparing a writing portfolio, and taking a computer programming course.

See breakdown of English majors by career.

Follow your heart. Successful English majors earn more than less successful Business majors. More information here.

Students join Professor Cary Barney for the annual trip to Stratford-upon-Avon.

Higher purpose. Greater good.
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