Unique Features of our English Programs

  • We teach a truly trans-global English degree, with experts on Modern American, Celtic, Victorian and Early Modern English Literatures among our faculty.
  • The major bonus of studying English in Madrid is that you are living in the major European travel hub - getting from here to Shakespeare and Dickens' London is inexpensive and easy. The same is true for Wilde and Beckett's Dublin, for the Scotland of Burns and Louis Stevenson, Frankenstein's Geneva, Hemingway's Paris, Washington Irving's Alhambra or the Italy of Byron, Keats, Shelley and Henry James. You are right in the center of the European world of our great literary ancestors.
  • All Anglo literatures are treated equally; we don't just explore the British and American canon. Moreover, you will learn how to write essays and research papers properly and you will also learn how to learn.
"I feel enormous pride in the way that the faculty of our department achieve a unique combination of cutting-edge research and caring and dedicated teaching." 

Dr. Andrew Power
Program Director

Words matter: They give us the power to expand the human imagination, share ideas with others, control meaning.

The English Department’s curriculum, ranging from the classics to the dynamic innovations of world literature in English, is designed to develop students’ lifelong appreciation of the value and pleasure of literature. If interpreting literature enriches self-expression and empathy, knowledge of literary traditions and forms provides the understanding of historical and cultural difference essential to cosmopolitan humanism.

The English major is excellent preparation for a variety of professions. It develops the strong analytic, research, and writing skills crucial to success in most professional fields (e.g., law, medicine, journalism), as well as precise, sensitive communication—an asset in almost any career. A major or minor in English can demonstrate cultural and linguistic proficiency for non-native speakers seeking work in English-speaking environments.

The M.A. in English program is designed to prepare you for careers that involve a thorough comprehension of reading and writing practices in multicultural contexts - such as teaching, translation, and editing - as well as for doctoral study in English and related fields.

The English Department offers courses on British and American literature and the growing body of transnational literature from Africa, India, and the Caribbean. Field trips bring literature alive. The Shakespeare course travels to Stratford-upon-Avon to see Shakespeare’s plays in his home town. Madrid’s museums and theaters enable study of literature in the context of other art forms. Students can also explore their own creativity in creative writing classes and pursue independent research in the Senior Seminar. The English faculty, trained at highly distinguished research institutions, are active scholars who are passionate about teaching.

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Students join Professor Cary Barney for the annual trip to Stratford-upon-Avon.

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