Timothy Ryan Day


Office Location: San Ignacio Hall
Telephone: 91 554 58 58
Degrees B.A. English (Northeastern Illinois University)
M.A. English (SLU Madrid / Autónoma de Madrid)
Ph.D. (Arizona State University)
Specialization Ecocriticism, Biosemiotics, Shakespeare in Contemporary Culture, Narrative Scholarship

Ryan Day's research is focused on Ecocriticism, Biosemiotics, and Shakespeare in current cultural production, particularly how his work is invoked in novels and films, and how it influences the increasingly complex human umwelt. He is concerned with the intersection of narrative with scholarly work and how the fusing of the objective and subjective can encourage the changing of human attitudes towards the environment by uniting empathy and logic. He is particularly interested in the tension between technology and nostalgia and how that tension is manifest in story, and also in creating stories that actively engage with the world around us and as such become vehicles for change. His classes include: Nature, Ecology and Literature, Media, Technology and Literature, Monsters of Europe, Literature and Medicine, Introduction to Poetry, Advanced Writing for Professionals, and The Process of Composition


Day, Timothy and Andrew Power. "Partiendo el Pan en Shakespeare." Pan. (2016)

"Frozen." The Toucan 15. Pg. 3. The Toucan: Chicago (2012)

"Waiting For Tom." Screenplay. Quarterfinalist in the American Zoetrope Screenplay Contest (2010)

"Skewed Horizons." Apocalypse 12. pg. 52. Apocalypse Literary Arts Coalition: Chicago (2004)

Wake. Unpublished Novel.

Regular Contributor to the online creative nonfiction site The Nervous Breakdown (2008-12)

Regular Contributor to the online culture magazine Vaya Madrid (2012-14)

Higher purpose. Greater good.
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