Campus Ministry Staff

Office Location:
Padre Rubio Hall

Rev. James O'Leary, S.J.
Telephone: 91 554 58 58 - Ext.: 279
Degrees M.Ed., Harvard University (1992)
Th.M., Jesuit School of Theology, Cambridge, M.A. (1991)
M.Div., Jesuit School of Theology; Cambridge, M.A. (1989)
M.A. in Philosophy, Loyola University; Chicago, IL (1983)
Publications 2 articles published in Peruvian journals; one on the Dolors report on education, the other on curriculum in rural schools in the Andes mountains.
Work Experience
Director of Fe y Alegría School; Jaén, Perú. Director of Fe y Alegría school system in the Peruvian jungle; Jaén Perú. (2001-2006).

Director of rural education programs, Fe y Alegría; Lima, Perú. (1998-2000).

Consultant, World Bank, 1997.

Teacher training in curriculum, methodology, Fe y Alegría; Lima, Perú (1995-1997).

Director de Orientación y Bienestar del Alumno, English teacher, prison chaplain: Jaén, Perú (1992-1994).
Higher purpose. Greater good.
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