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Discover the range of services at the Saint Louis University - Madrid library

Reference Help

The library offers on-demand seminars on library use for students and faculty. In addition, when asked by individual faculty members, library staff will give in-class presentations. The usual topics are:

  • overview of library resources
  • searching the library catalog, SLUth and databases
  • access to ebooks, saving and printing chapters
  • evaluating sources
  • citing, plagiarism and copyright issues

For additional information, contact the Library Services Office at

Virtual tutorials on the use of library’s online catalog and databases are also available for library patrons to view, prepared by librarians at SLU. Books in the SLU-Madrid library collection are shelved on site in Madrid. Any directions given in the virtual tutorials on how to locate materials apply only to the St. Louis libraries. The tutorials are useful for SLU-Madrid students to learn how to use the online catalog.


If a book cannot be located in the general collection, you can request a search by filling out a search-request card at the circulation desk. When found, the book will be held at the circulation desk for you and you will be notified.

If the book is not found within five working days, you will be notified. If you still require the book, you may make a suggestion for future purchase or an interlibrary loan request.

For further details and information on any of these matters, contact

Purchase Suggestions

All suggestions should be submitted to the library using the online forms:

Supply as much information as you have available about the item you are requesting. Once the library receives your suggestion, your petition will be processed. The library will notify you if there any problems with the request. You can check out the status of your order by searching the library’s online catalog or contacting the library administration by email.

Occasionally faculty members may need or wish to make direct purchases of materials for the library. However, reimbursement for such items will only be made if prior authorization was obtained from their department head and/or library office and a proper bill turned into the library office along with the item purchased.

Any item ordered for the library is meant to be housed in the library and be available to all library users. Faculty members wishing to acquire materials exclusively to aid in preparation of classes should speak to their department head as procedures and budgets are different. Such items would be retained by the department rather than placed in library collection.

Interlibrary Loan

The SLU-Madrid library offers an interlibrary loan/document delivery service (ILL/DDS) to all university library patrons. All requests for ILL/DDS are handled through the library office. The library can provide all patrons with electronic delivery of journal articles and/or pages from books available in the print collection of Missouri campus libraries, free of charge. However, no loans are available for such print materials. Faculty, staff and students may also be able to obtain items on loan as well as copies from other institutions that the Madrid library works with.

We offer article delivery and interlibrary loan services at no cost to our users; however, we ask that our patrons be mindful of the fact that the provision of these services is not without cost to the library. In fact, the provision of these services is quite expensive. Request only those items that you plan to use directly in the course of your research, teaching and study.

We are happy to provide for your research, teaching and study needs, and will do our absolute best to acquire or borrow the materials you need as quickly and efficiently as possible. By being judicious in making your requests, you can help to ensure that the library are able to continue providing these services free of charge.

Important: In accordance with international copyright legislation, libraries cannot make copies of more than 10 percent of the text of a book (or occasionally, one chapter) or one article from a journal. Take note of number of pages a book contains as indicated on catalog record before placing request.

All requests for copies must be placed through the Madrid library office, as ILL/DDS is a service that functions between libraries and not individuals and libraries. To place an ILL/DDS request, fill out the appropriate form and send.

Returning Borrowed Materials

ILL materials must be returned to the ILL/DDS department during regular library hours. The borrower is responsible for all costs associated with lost or damaged items. The lending library assesses the charges for lost/damaged items accordingly.

Course Reserves

Faculty members may request that the library place certain materials on reserve for use by students in specific courses. Reserve materials may be traditional reserve materials or electronic materials.

Copyrighted materials must adhere to current copyright regulations in effect on all SLU campuses. The library has the right to refuse any materials for reserve which may infringe copyright.

Note that at the beginning of each semester please allow for a minimum of seven days for reserve materials in any format to become available for student use, due to the high volume of requests that we will be asked to process at these times. Also, be aware that all items placed on reserve (both traditional and electronic) will be automatically removed at end of each semester/summer term. If you plan to use same materials in following semester, then please notify us in advance.

Traditional Reserve Materials

Traditional reserve materials can be print materials (books, journals), audiovisual materials in library collection or photocopied material. Such materials are available to students upon request at the library office and are kept on the reserve shelf until the end of the academic term. Print materials can be made available for use in the library only or for loan periods of one, two or three days, according to the course instructor’s request.

Audiovisual materials such as CDs, DVDs or tapes can only be used by students in the library. The library will not place reference materials on reserve as these are already non-circulating items readily available to all students.

Any photocopied material that an instructor wishes kept on reserve must be prepared by that instructor, handed in with the request form and include complete bibliographical information.

  • For books: author, title, publisher, year of publication and exact page numbers
  • For journal articles: journal title, volume, issue, year and exact page numbers

Copies should be one-sided, clear and the pages of the set individually numbered. All photocopied material must adhere to current copyright regulations in effect on all SLU campuses.

Any materials lent temporarily to the library from your personal libraries should accompany the request form. These will be returned to you at end of the term. Nonetheless, the library cannot assume responsibility for loss or damage to such materials.

To request traditional reserve materials, complete the request form and send it to the library.

Electronic Reserve Page (ERes)

Faculty may also ask library staff to create an Electronic Reserve Page for them on which certain types of materials (e.g. articles from journals, chapters from books, and links to websites) will be kept in electronic format.

Visit the Electronic Reserve and Reserve Pages

To submit materials:

  • Submit the materials and /or the source of each item with your forms:
  • Fill out Request Form and Checklist for Fair Use for each item
  • Submit the materials and /or the source of each item with your forms:
    • For books: author, title, publisher, year of publication and exact page numbers
    • For journal articles: journal title, volume, issue, year and exact page numbers
  • Journal articles will be linked when possible, so if you know that the article is available online, you do not have to make photocopies.