The M.A. in Spanish: Program & Examination Requirements

The M.A. in Spanish at SLU (Madrid and Missouri) is divided into two stages: The first consists of guided research through the completion of several courses (a total of 30 credits). The second stage is developed independently by the student, through the reading of a list of selected books and articles. After completing the courses and working on the reading lists, the students demonstrate that they have attained the goals and outcomes of the program (generalist foundation in the areas of Spanish Peninsular and Latin American Literature and Linguistics) in written and oral exams.

Course Requirements for the M.A. in Spanish (for students entering as of Fall 2011)

  • A total of 30 credits (10 courses) including:

       ▪ Two courses (6 credits) in Peninsular Spanish Studies
       ▪ Two courses (6 credits) in Latin American Studies
       ▪ Two courses (6 credits) in Teaching or Linguistics
       ▪ The remaining four courses (12 credits) may be distributed according to interest.

  • Please also consider these indications: ▼

Course Requirements for the M.A. in Spanish (for students who entered prior to Fall 2011)

  • 6 hours of required courses (two of the following): 

       ▪ SPAN 5040 Methods and Technology for the Teaching of Spanish
       ▪ SPAN 5180 Contemporary Spanish Culture and Civilization
       ▪ SPAN 5190 Contemporary Latin American Culture and Civilization 
  • 24 further hours of 5000-level courses (2 may be taken at the 4000-level)

master in spanish

Exams requirements for the M.A. in Spanish (for all students)

The final stage of the M.A. program consists of three exams:

  1. Two written exams: One based on the general reading list common to all students, the second based on the specialty reading list chosen by each student. Please note that the lists are subject to change periodically. Students are examined on the list in effect on their start date in the program.
  2. After completing the two written exams, the students take one final oral exam; the questions relate to the courses that the student has taken.

In order to take the final examinations, you should enroll in SPAN-5950 in the semester that you intend to finish the M.A. program. You must request by e-mail that the Program Coordinator gives you permission to enroll in SPAN-5950 (you may enroll only twice) and you will receive the administrative documentation from the Office of Graduate Education at SLU Missouri by e-mail. First, you must fill the Application for Degree and send it to the Master's Candidacy Advisor at SLU Missouri. Second, you must review and sign the Degree audit and send it to the Program Coordinator in Madrid. In order to take the exams, you are responsible for following these procedures, and for checking you SLU e-mail account in order to be informed and to respond by the deadline dates.

Reading Lists:

Exam Procedures and Question Types:

Exam Dates:

  • Spring 2018: April 5 and 6
  • Summer 2018: June 28 and 29
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