Our Alumni

Donna Gillespie, Ph.D., promoción de 2006

Donna Gillespie, (M.A. ’06) received her Ph.D. from the University of Florida in 2012 and works as an Assistant Professor of Spanish at the College of Dupage in Glen Ellyn, IL. Dr. Gillespie began her career as a physical therapist before transitioning into academics, "In some sense, I’ve always been teaching in my professional career -- first as a physical therapist, and now as a Spanish instructor," she said.

“My studies at the Saint Louis University-Madrid Campus inspired me so much that I knew I wanted to share with others what my professors had shared with me. The language, literature and culture came alive for me in Spain, and my mentors inspired me to continue on with my studies. I arrived to the University of Florida a few years later and was afforded so many invaluable opportunities that helped shape me as a teacher and as a student.”

Kristin Sunday, promoción de 2013

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Cari Holliday, promoción de 2012

"I first heard about SLU-Madrid from one of my college Spanish professors who encouraged me to apply. After looking at the brochure, I was positive I wanted to apply. It looked perfect. I had always wanted to live out of the country for a few years and perfect my Spanish. I didn´t know anyone in Spain and I had never been in Madrid. But as tough as the first week here was, I´ve never regretted my decision. The professors are wonderful and are always willing to help you out during their office hours. I love the small class sizes too. It really creates a sense of community on campus. Living in Madrid has also given me the opportunity to travel around Spain and Europe. I highly recommend SLU to anyone looking to study Spanish at the graduate level. It is a unique and unforgettable experience!"

Leah Ericsen, promoción de 2011

“Para los que quieran hacer un Máster en Español, no hay mejor opción que el programa de Saint Louis University en Madrid. Además de la obvia ventaja de vivir en España, rodeado de la lengua y la cultura que estudias, también es útil estar matriculado en una universidad americana porque facilita el proceso de ayuda financiera, transferencia de créditos, etc. Es más, SLU Madrid ofrece becas de trabajo y prácticas en empresas o colegios que te dan la posibilidad de aplicar en un ámbito profesional lo que has estudiado en el aula. Nunca me he arrepentido de venir a estudiar aquí en SLU Madrid, y recomiendo el programa de Máster en Español sin reservas.”

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