M.A. in Spanish

Summer Program

A Master's Built Around Your Needs

Earn your M.A. in Spanish during the summer — at SLU-Madrid.

You can enroll in graduate classes that run from late June to the end of July and complete the full degree over three or four summers. Focus on your job during the school year and spend the summers getting back in touch with the passion that started you off on your teaching career.

Why Madrid?

"The additional literary and cultural opportunities throughout the city of Madrid, have been crucial in my growing appreciation for Spanish, something that I would have sadly missed out on had I completed my studies solely state-side."

Cassandra O'Mahoney '16
M.A in Spanish

Madrid is the European cultural capital of the Spanish-speaking world; it's the natural place to study an M.A. in Spanish. It's also the safest city in the Spanish-speaking world — and one of the most vibrant. July afternoons here are scorching hot, so it's a great place to drink in the culture over a well-deserved tinto de verano. Or, beat the heat by heading indoors to study at the Biblioteca Nacional or to the Reina Sofia Museum to see Picasso's Guernica.

When things begin to cool down in the evening, you can go for a paseo in the footsteps of the authors you were studying the night before - Cervantes, Lope, Pardo Bazán, Martín Gaite and Merino. Later, discover the pleasure of late-night tertulias in street cafés in the city that never sleeps!

A Unique Learning Experience

SLU-Madrid is a community of scholars who care. Our M.A. in Spanish faculty - who hold Ph.D.s from leading European and US universities - offer you a prestigious Jesuit education in the country where Jesuit education was invented. We'll train you to research, to motivate, to critique, to read, to think and to reconnect with your passion for teaching Hispanic culture and the Spanish language.

Find out more about the M.A. in Spanish at SLU-Madrid. Contact us at: graduate-admissions-madrid@slu.edu

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M.A. in Spanish students Ben Schrantz, Sylvia Jackson-Vasquez and Sarah Cline, relate their experiences at the SLU Madrid Campus.

Returning graduate students should check frequently for the most up-to-date information for the Summer Program. If you are interested in joining our program, please direct questions to: graduate-admissions-madrid@slu.edu

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