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As you write about streets on and around campus, follow these style guidelines. 

Caroline Mall: One of the main walkways on the Medical Center.

Carr Lane: Runs through the Medical Center. Note that the street is actually an avenue, not a lane.

Chouteau Avenue: Forms the northern border of the Medical Center.

Compton Avenue: Forms the eastern border of campus.

Grand Boulevard: The main street that runs through campus.

Hickory Street: Runs through the Medical Center.

Interstate 44

Interstate 64 (Highway 40)

Laclede Avenue: Runs through the northern end of campus.

Lafayette Avenue: On the southern end of the Medical Center.

Lindell Boulevard: Forms the northern border of campus; is called "Olive Street" just east of Grand Boulevard.

Olive Street: Forms the northern border of campus; called "Lindell Boulevard" just west of Grand Boulevard.

Rutger Street: Runs through the Medical Center.

Spring Avenue: Intersects campus as the north-south pedestrian walkway at the clock tower -- but is an accessible street on either side of the pedestrian mall.

Theresa Avenue: Runs through the Medical Center.

Vandeventer Avenue: Forms the western border of campus.

Vista Avenue: Runs through the Medical Center.

West Pine Mall: One of the main walkways on the northern end of campus.