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Current Campaigns

The Division of Marketing and Communications tells Saint Louis University's story through marketing campaigns. No one can tell these stories better than University students, faculty and staff. That's why our advertising campaigns consistently feature members of the SLU community. 

See the advertising campaigns that Marcom is currently running and where you can find them.

Student Recruitment 

Saint Louis University's student recruitment campaigns focus on communicating to prospective students what makes SLU unique. Ads appear on social media platforms and digital display, on digital radio and video streaming services, billboards and more.

Video Ads


In strategic locations around the St. Louis area, billboards are used to advertise Saint Louis University. 

SLU Billboard reading Change the World; Start Here

Social Media

Advertisements featuring SLU students and campus run on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube and Snapchat. 

Facebook Ad Sample - Visit SLU

Instagram Ad Sample



You may see advertisements for SLU on the top or sidebars of websites you visit. These advertisements are aimed at prospective students in various stages of the college search process.

Visit SLU Ad Sample

Be a Billiken: Finish Your Application

Be a Billiken Ad featuring a student

Music Streaming Channels

Audio advertisements for SLU run on Spotify at various times of the year. 

Academics, 30-second spot

Affordability, 30-second spot

ACCESSIBLE, 30-second spot

Higher Purpose. Greater Good.

Saint Louis University's official brand identity  — "Higher purpose. Greater good."  — helps us communicate what's different about SLU,  the University's DNA.


This video has been used on social media and in commercials as part of the campaign. You can also catch a version of this video while watching Billiken basketball games this season on Fox Sports Midwest.