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Saint Louis University Web Content Management Policy


Saint Louis University operates a website ( that is used by internal and external stakeholders to find important information about SLU, and is an essential marketing resource for the University.  In 2016, a newly redesigned website will be implemented, along with a new University web content management system. 


The purpose of this policy is to ensure brand consistency throughout the University website, to eliminate expenses for the procuring of websites outside of the SLU content management system, to better track website usage, and to ensure all SLU web pages are protected by the University's web security software. 


This policy is applicable to the web pages of all of the colleges, schools, centers, institutes, divisions and departments of the University with the exception of the Department of Athletics, student web pages, faculty personal pages, and other pages that are currently housed on Google Sites and similar programs.


Saint Louis University website:  All domains and web pages that are part of

Content Management System:  The software system used by the University to create and update web pages and web content. 


All web pages, web microsites and web content that are a part of Saint Louis University shall be housed within the University's content management system (CMS), and shall use web design templates and stylesheets approved by the University and the Division of Marketing and Communications for pages and content on the SLU website.  Because "Saint Louis University" and "SLU" are copyrighted marks of the University; faculty, staff, students, alumni and third parties are not permitted to create URL names for websites outside of the SLU domain that use copyrighted SLU marks "Saint Louis University" or "SLU."

Understanding that web content is generated at all levels of the University, the Division of Marketing and Communications shall provide, at no cost, ongoing CMS training and support to faculty and staff with responsibilities for updating web content.  And the Division will be responsible for the licensing costs of the CMS and upgrades to the system as needed. Additionally, while the Division of Marketing and Communications is not responsible for the content of all University web pages, it is responsible for brand consistency across the many web pages that make up the SLU website in keeping with best practices for usability and website design.

In instances where departments have a collaborative arrangement with institutions or organizations outside of the University, and where collaborative web content is hosted on a website outside of the University domain, that content can be exempted from this policy with the approval of the Vice President for Marketing and Communications.  However, in such instances, only approved logos, colors and marks can be used consistent with University's brand and logo guidelines in any co-branded web content.


The Web Services Department in the Division of Marketing and Communications will provide access and training in the University's CMS to those professional staff or faculty designated by colleges, schools, centers, institutes, divisions and departments to update web content for those areas.  

The Division of Marketing and Communications will be responsible for the costs of and updates to the University's content management system.  Additionally, the Division will be responsible for ensuring that the website design and function remain top-tier by performing an extensive review at least every three years.


Information about creating a CMS account can be found online at  


This policy was approved by:  President's Coordinating Council
Date:  May11, 2016

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