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Medical Anatomy and Physiology Preparatory Program (MAPP)

The Saint Louis University Medical Anatomy and Physiology Preparatory Program (MAPP) provides a two-semester academic experience for post-baccalaureate scholars considering careers in medicine, dentistry or biomedical sciences education.

Medical Anatomy and Physiology Preparatory Program School of Medicine
Application Deadline
The Application Components Apply Online
Fall: Aug. 1 -- Application Form
-- Application Fee
-- Three (3) Reference Letters
-- MCAT or GRE (general)
-- Official undergraduate transcript

(Advantages of the web application)
Spring: No admittance
Summer: No admittance
  Director: John R. Martin, III, Ph.D.
Program Contact:
Telephone No.: (314) 977-8031

MAPP Eligibility

The MAPP program is currently limited to citizens or permanent residents of the United States without reference to race or religious affiliation. Applicants are admitted on a competitive basis and must have a BS or BA degree from an accredited U.S. college or university. | MAPP Eligibility

Credit Hours/Coursework: MAPP Curriculum

About the MAPP Faculty: Teaching faculty and mentors are drawn from a select group of scientists and clinicians from Saint Louis University School of Medicine. The faculty are united by their extensive experience in teaching and training young scientists, medical students and physicians in training. | Learn More

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