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Women in Medicine and Science

The membership of Women in Medicine and Science at Saint Louis University (WIMS) includes all female members of the faculty in the School of Medicine, plus male faculty colleagues interested in issues related to the professional growth and advancement of women in academic medicine.

Membership is open to all full-time and adjunct faculty members. Activities and subcommittees are open to all persons interested in becoming involved in our organization and its mission.

Women Mentoring Women

The Women Mentoring Women Program is geared toward supporting women in medicine and science who are striving to embrace personal, professional, and career growth.

The first year of the program lasts nine months, from late September 2021 to June 2022. 

Fifteen mentees applied and were paired with a mentor at a training level or faculty rank above their current status. Mentor/mentee pairs were formed based on stated mentorship interests, career goals, and alignment of experience and expertise. 

Mentor/mentee pairs will meet in September 2021 to create goals for their time together. In February 2022, the WIMS Mentorship subcommittee will conduct focus groups with mentors and mentees to assess the mentoring relationship and provide support as needed. Accepted applicants will be asked to provide feedback and reflection on their mentorship process at the conclusion of the program in June 2022. Program participants are also invited to SWIMS in September 2022 for a celebration / kick-off event for the next program year.

Though this program formally extends from September to June, mentorship partnerships should continue for as long as desired by the pair.

Program Expectations

This program requires self-driven individuals who are motivated to generate and meet mentoring goals in a collaborative relationship. Pairs are encouraged to create meeting agendas structured around agreed-upon discussion topics and to create actionable items at the conclusion of each meeting.

Mentees are asked to initiate and maintain contact with their mentors, prepare questions in advance of meetings, and follow through on identified suggestions or tasks. Mentors are asked to oversee formation of meeting agendas and create a confidential and supportive environment for open discussion.

Monthly meetings are encouraged, with more frequent check-ins if mutually agreed upon by the pair. Face-to-face meetings, virtual meetings, or phone calls are appropriate, depending on the needs of the pair. Mentorship resources will be provided to accepted applicants to promote a healthy working relationship.

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WIMS Steering Committee

Jane McHowat - WIMS Steering Committee Chair, Pathology


  • Julie Gammack - Office of Graduate Medical Education, Internal Medicine
  • Denise Hooks-Anderson - Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Family Med
  • Katie Heiden-Rootes - Faculty Fellow for Equity Issues, Family Med
  • Lisa Israel - Office of Professional Oversight
  • Jane McHowat - Office of Faculty Affairs and Professional Development

AMWA Medical Student Leads

  • Courtney Halverson
  • Ritika Jain
  • Sonia Jolley
  • Kathleen Xu

Faculty Members

  • Jennifer Aleshire, Pediatrics
  • Cindy Bitter, Surgery
  • Nandini Calamur, Pediatrics - Programming Subcommittee
  • Eran Chen, Dermatology
  • Molly Rozier Chen, Pediatrics
  • Tina Chen, Surgery - Mentoring Subcommittee
  • Kara Christopher, Neurology
  • Megan Ferber, Family Medicine - Mentoring Subcommittee
  • Sue Heaney, Pediatrics
  • Farzana Hoque, Internal Medicine
  • Chris Jacobs, Family and Community Medicine
  • Krista Lentine, Internal Medicine
  • Grace Montenegro, Surgery
  • Rebecca Petersen, Pediatrics
  • Heidi Sallee, Pediatrics - Programming Subcommittee Chair
  • Aline Tanios, Pediatrics - Mentoring Subcommittee Chair
  • Nicole Xynos, Obstetrics, Gynecology and Women's Health - Programming Subcommittee

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