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Urban/Underserved MD/MPH Program


The Combined MD/MPH Degree Program at Saint Louis University is undergoing exciting changes. The program is being enhanced, expanded, and will have a new focus- care for the urban underserved. This five-year program (rolling out in the fall 2013) will allow students entry prior to beginning medical school, unlike most MD/MPH programs in which students elect to obtain their MPH degree at some point after they have started medical school. This entry path will allow us to provide an integrated five-year educational program that begins in the first week of medical school. Students will follow the traditional path of taking medical school classes for the first three years, then in the fourth year of the program take most, if not all of their MPH coursework (see curricular schematics). Through longitudinal electives and volunteer service opportunities across the first two years of the curriculum, students will be able to learn more about public health and also will become engaged in meaningful ways with patients, families, and underserved communities in St. Louis city though partnerships with community service agencies such as Community Health in Partnerships, a free clinic in north St. Louis city. A number of curricular changes will enhance students’ ability to engage in these activities in meaningful ways. Students have an average of one day every other week across the first two years for electives. The pre-clinical curriculum in the medical school is pass/ fail; which allows students significant freedom to pursue electives and a range of extra-curricular activities. In addition, the new curriculum plan will give students the opportunity to take a number of two - week and three-week community-focused electives in the third year.

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If you are interested in being considered for this combined degree program and you have already completed your application to the MD program then please let us know by email at:

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