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University Health Plan (UHP)

The University Health Plan (UHP) is a fully-insured health plan sponsored by Saint Louis University.  Coverage is available to eligible Saint Louis University Undergraduate, Graduate, Professional and Medical Students and Medical Residents.  Dependent coverage for eligible participants is also available.  There are no waiting periods in the Plan and the Plan does not have any pre-existing condition exclusions.

Medical Benefits:  The UHP partners with Aetna Student Health to administer the medical benefits of the plan.  Aetna's responsibilities include insurance identification card production, medical coverage verification, claims processing and prior-authorization/pre-certification.  Aetna Member Services may be reached at (877) 381-3544. 

Prescription Drug Benefits:  The UHP partners with Aetna Student Health to administer the prescription drug benefits of the plan as well.  Aetna responsibilities include pharmacy identification card production.  Aetna Rx Member Services may be reached at (888) 792-3862. 

Enrollment/Changes to Plan Elections:  Eligible participants and dependents may enroll or request changes to plan elections (i.e. drop/waive coverage) within 30 days of admission to a University program, during a program's orientation, or during Open Enrollment and Special Enrollment Periods. Special Enrollment Periods are provided when a qualifying event occurs. If enrollment or plan election changes are not completed within 30 days of the qualifying event, the enrollment or plan election changes may not be made until the next Open Enrollment Period.

University Health Plan (UHP)
1402 South Grand Blvd, C119
Saint Louis, MO  63104
Phone: (314) 977-5666 || Fax: (314) 977-5667

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