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Anping Chen, Ph.D.

Associate Professor


Ph.D., University of Puerto Rico, 1992

Research Interests

Hepatic fibrogenesis and hepatic stellate cell biology


PubMed Listing

Lin, J. and Chen, A. (2008) Activation of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma by curcumin blocks the signaling pathways for PDGF and EGF in hepatic stellate cells. Lab Invest. 88(5):529-40. PMID: 18332871, PMCID: PMC2673570.

Fu, Y. Zheng, S Lu, SL and Chen, A. (2008) Epigallocatechin-3-gallate Inhibits Growth ofActivated Hepatic Stellate Cells by Enhancing the Capacity of Glutathione Synthesis MolPharmacol. 73(5): 1465–1473. PMID: 18230716, PMCID: PMC2562715.

Qiaohua Kang and Anping Chen (2009) Curcumin suppresses gene expression of low-densitylipoprotein receptor, leading to the inhibition of LDL-induced activation of hepatic stellate cell.Brit. J. Pharmcol. 157, 1354–1367. PMID: 19594758; PMCID: PMC2765310.

Youcai Tang, Shizhong Zheng and Anping Chen (2009) Curcumin eliminates leptin’s effects on hepatic stellate cell activation via interrupting leptin signaling Endocrinology 150: 3011-3020. PMID: 19299451; PMCID: PMC2703516

Qiaohua Kang and Anping Chen (2009) Curcumin eliminates oxidized LDL roles in activating hepatic stellate cell by suppressing gene expression of lectin-like oxidized LDL receptor-1. Lab Invest. 89:1275–1290. PMID: 19736547, PMCID: PMC2783367

Jianguo Lin, Shizhong Zheng and Anping Chen (2009) Curcumin attenuates the effects of insulin on stimulating hepatic stellate cell activation by interrupting insulin signaling and attenuating oxidative stress Lab Invest. 89, 1397–1409. PMID: 19841616, PMCID: PMC2787823

Qiaohua Kang and Anping Chen (2009) Curcumin inhibits srebp-2 expression in activatedhepatic stellate cells in vitro by reducing the activity of specificity protein-1 (SP-1) Endocrinology 150(12):5384–5394, PMID: 19808779, PMCID: PMC2795713.

Youcai Tang and Anping Chen (2010) Curcumin Protects Hepatic Stellate Cells against Leptin-Induced Activation in Vitro by Accumulating Intracellular Lipids. Endocrinology, 151(9): 4168-77. PMID: 20660066; PMCID: PMC2940502.

Youcai Tang and Anping Chen (2010) Curcumin prevents leptin raising glucose levels in hepatic stellate cells by blocking translocation of glucose transporter-4 and increasing glucokinase. Brit. J. Pharmcol. 161(5):1137–1149 PMID: 20977462; PMCID: PMC2998693.

Jianguo Lin and Anping Chen (2011) Curcumin diminishes the impacts of hyperglycemia on the activation of hepatic stellate cells by suppressing membrane translocation and gene expression of glucose transporter-2. Mol. Cell. Endocrinol. 333 (2011) 160–171, PMID: 21195127, PMCID:PMC3039105

Professional Organizations and Associations

American Gastroenterological Association
American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
American Diabetes Association