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Michael Graham, M.D.


Director, Forensic Pathology Fellowship
Forensic Pathology


M.D., Saint Louis University, 1977


American Board of Pathology (AP/CP, 1981; FP, 1982)

Research Interests

Forensic issues regarding cardiopulmonary pathology, diagnostic cardiac pathology, asbestos-related diseases, deaths occurring in custody


PubMed Listing

Kemp J, Unger B, Wilkins D, Psara R, Ledbetter T, Graham M, Case M and Thach B, “Unsafe Sleep Practices and an Analysis of Bedsharing Among Infants Dying Suddenly and Unexpectedly: Results of a Four-Year, Population-based, Death-scene Investigation Study of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Related Deaths,” Pediatrics, 2000; 106(3). URL:

Case ME, Graham MA, Corey Handy T, Jentzen JM and Monteleone J: The National Association of Medical Examiners Ad Hoc Committee on Shaken Baby Syndrome, “Position Paper on Fatal Abusive Head Injuries in Infants and Young Children,” Am J Forensic Med and Pathol, 2001; 22(2):112-122.

Unger B, Kemp JS, Wilkins D, Psara R, Ledbetter T, Graham M, Case M and Thach BT, “Racial disparity and modifiable risk factors among infants dying suddenly and unexpectedly,” Pediatrics, 2003; 111(2):E127-31.

Pinckard JK and Graham MA, “Heart valve tissue donation does not preclude the diagnosis of clinically significant pediatric cardiac abnormalities,” Am J Forensic Med Pathol, 2003: 24:248-253.

Pinckard JK and Graham MA, “Pediatric Heart Valve Tissue Donation,” ASCP Check Sample (FP04-1), 2004; 46(1):1-9.

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Bhalodolia r, Cortese C, Graham M and Hauptman P, “Fulminant Acute Cellular Rejection with Negative Findings on Endomyocardial Biopsy”, J Heart and Lung Transplantation 2006;25:989-92.

Pinckard JK, Wetli CV and Graham MA, “National Association of Medical Examiners Position Paper on the Medical Examiner Release of Organs and Tissues for Transplantation,” Am J Forensic Med Pathol 2007; 28: 202-207.

Kroll MW, Calklins H, Luceri RM, Graham MA and Heegaard WG, “Sensitive Swine and TASER Electronic Control Devices,” ACEM (letter to the editor) (in press).

Kroll MW, Calkins H, Luceri RM, Graham MA and Heegaard WG, “TASER safety,” CMAJ (letter to the editor) 2008; 179(7): 677-678.

Honors and Awards

President's Award, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Resources (1986)
Health Professional of the Year (1992), Combined Health Appeal of Greater St. Louis
Gift of Life Award, Mid-America Transplant Services and the National Kidney Foundation (1995)
Outstanding Service Award, National Association of Medical Examiners (1999)
Roland Quest Annual Award, Dept. of Pathology, St. Louis University (4/26/00)

Professional Organizations and Associations

National Association of Medical Examiners
American Academy of Forensic Sciences
College of American Pathologists
Society for Cardiovascular Pathology
Pulmonary Pathology Society