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Mission Statement

The mission of the ACGME is to improve the quality of health care in the United States by ensuring and improving the quality of graduate medical education experiences for physicians in training. The ACGME establishes national standards for graduate medical education by which it approves and continually assesses educational programs under its aegis. It uses the most effective methods available to evaluate the quality of graduate medical education programs. It strives to improve evaluation methods and processes that are valid, fair, open, and ethical.

In carrying out these activities the ACGME is responsive to change and innovation in education and current practice, promotes the use of effective measurement tools to assess resident physician competency, and encourages educational improvement.

Vision Statement

The ACGME will:

  • Be a source of inspiration, encouragement, support and assistance to all who strive for educational excellence;
  • Incorporate educational outcomes into accreditation decisions;
  • Be data and evidence driven;
  • Encourage the development of core competencies across all disciplines, including knowledge of quality improvement;
  • Explore a more comprehensive role in GME policy;
  • Become a world leader in accreditation efforts;
  • Maintain objectivity and independence while continuing it's interorganizational relationships;
  • Develop a consultative role and encourage innovation;
  • Be the spokesperson for GME.

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