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Shared Vision

What does it mean to work at a Jesuit university?
What difference does it make?

Discover for yourself by attending Shared Vision this semester. Shared Vision is a three-part video-and-discussion series that explores the history of the Jesuits, the spirit and insights of their founder Ignatius Loyola and the guiding vision that animates Jesuit education in the third millennium.

More than 3,500 faculty and staff have attended Shared Vision since the program began during the spring 1996 semester.

Shared Vision: Beginnings examines the beginnings of the Ignatian vision in the life of Ignatius Loyola, the development of the Spiritual Exercises and the founding of the Society of Jesus.

The story continues in part two, Shared Vision: Transformation, which looks at how that Ignatian vision was transformed by the new cultures and new areas of knowledge it encountered and the new partnerships it formed as it spread around the globe.

The third and final segment, Shared Vision: Transitions, highlights the transitions the Ignatian vision encountered as it became part of American culture and the modern era. Participants are challenged to consider thoughtfully the next step for those who want to continue the Ignatian vision in education.

Higher purpose. Greater good.
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