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"The Economy of Gift" in Socially Engaged Art Practices
A Public Deliberation

Release date:
October 16, 2014

Gift involves moving out of oneself. The economy of gift questions the dominant measure of value in the art world and beyond. Socially engaged art practices apply artistic methods in collaboration with community members to address issues in ways that promote individual and collective agency.

This public deliberation, presented on February 23, 2014, focused on how the economy of gift could be applied to engaged art practices that seek to contend with our most pressing problems.

This program was co-hosted by MOCRA and Craft Alliance.

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The Economy of Gift panel

from left: Ed Carroll, Roseann Weiss, Juan William Chávez, Alison Ferring, David Walsh. Photo by Jennifer Ickes.

Featured Speakers

Juan William Chávez

Juan William Chávez
artist, educator and cultural activist exploring the potential of space through creative initiatives that address community and cultural issues 

more about Juan William Chávez

Alison Ferring

Alison Ferring
artist, curator, gallery director, and board member committed to the arts as catalysts for positive change in the community 

David Walsh

David Walsh
political scientist at The Catholic University of America and author addressing the philosophical revolution of the modern world

more about David Walsh

Roseann Weiss

Roseann Weiss
Director of Community and Public Arts at the Regional Arts Commission and advocate of pedagogy for artists and their partners in community contexts

more about David Walsh

Moderated by

Ed CarrollVita Geluniene

Ed Carroll and Vita Gelūnienė
working in-between art, community and pedagogy, based in Kaunas, Lithuania, and artists-in-residence at Craft Alliance in Grand Center in 2014

Generous funding and support for the panel discussion was provided by the Regional Arts Commission, Missouri Arts Council, Peter & Paul Community Services, and Community CollabARTive.

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This podcast is made possible through the financial support of the Regional Arts Commission.  Regional Arts Commission logo

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