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M.S.N. - Clinical Nurse Leader Program Resources

The following information will facilitate your progression through Saint Louis University's M.S.N. - Clinical Nurse Leader program.

We also encourage you to refer to the student handbook for this program. Please note that general student rules and regulations at Saint Louis University apply unless superseded by the Trudy Busch Valentine School of Nursing policies. 

Tuition and Additional Costs

For information regarding the upcoming academic year’s tuition rate, fees and financial aid, please visit SLU Financial Services.

All students in the MSN-CNL program have the following additional costs:

  • Software for Typhon (patient visit documentation): ($75) This one-time fee is due when registering for the first clinical course.
  • CastleBranch Registration ($35

Student Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the M.S.N. - Clinical Nurse Leader program are educated to:

  1. Implement collaborative strategies to provide ethical, high-quality, safe, cost‐effective, patient‐centered care.
  2. Use scholarly inquiry including evidence‐based practice and research application to improve decision‐making and health outcomes.
  3. Integrate advanced competencies, skills, theories, and cultural sensitivity into microsystems in relationships with patients and interprofessional teams.
  4. Design culturally sensitive patient care that includes health promotion and disease prevention.
  5. Facilitate the improvement of health care through leadership within health care systems and communities.
  6. Synthesize systems data, information and evidence-based and theoretical knowledge to reduce risk, improve safety, and achieve optimal client adaptation and outcomes.
  7. Utilize appropriate information and health care technologies to improve health care outcomes.
  8. Manage human and fiscal nursing team resources.
  9. Advocate for policies that improve the health of the public and the profession of nursing.