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Student Record Holds

Click below for additional information on the following Holds.

If your Hold is not listed below please contact the Office of the University Registrar at 314.977.2269 or DuBourg Hall, Room 22.

  Admissions Registration
  AVP for Graduate Education
  Continuous Enrollment Hold
  Credit Limit
  Dean's Hold
  Dean of Student's Hold
  ESL Hold
  FPA Registration Hold
  Grade(s) of B or better
  INTO SLU Financial Hold
  ITS Hold - Balance Due
  Judicial Outcomes
  Language Resource Center
  Law School Hold
  Loan Balance
  Loan Default
  Loan Exit Interview
  Medical Center Library
  Official Test Scores
  Official Transcript w/ Degree
  Overall 3.0 GPA
  Parks Graduate Office
PHSJ Academic Integrity Pledge
PHSJ Professionalism Survey
Pius XII Memorial Library
Prerequisite Coursework
Registration Advisor Meeting
Registration Mentor Meeting
SFS Fin Aid Registration Hold
SFS Fin Aid Transcript Hold
Short Term Loans
Stu Accts Collection (Special)
Stu Accts Third Party Billing
Student Accounts Address
Student Accounts Bankruptcy
Student Accounts Diploma
Student Accounts Reg
Student Accounts Transcript
Student Educational Services
Student Health Balance
Student Health Immunizations
Student Health Insurance
Success Coach Appoint

Madrid Campus Holds

Madrid Admissions Condition
Madrid Admissions Document
Madrid Billing Address Hold
Madrid Disciplinary Hold
Madrid Emergency Contact Info
Madrid Financial Diploma Hold
Madrid Hld Reg & Transcript
Madrid Hold in Registration
Madrid Hold in Transcript
Madrid Housing Agreement
Madrid Housing Payment Hold
Madrid Library Hold
Madrid Student Academic Hold
Madrid Student ESL Academic Hold
Madrid Student Fees Hold
Madrid Student Health Hold
Madrid Tuition Hold
Registration Advising Meeting

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