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General Education Development (GED)


Starting in January, 2014, the GED (which will now be called the HiSET in Missouri) will go to a computerized exam.  Saint Louis University will no longer be a testing site for this new exam, so please visit the following website for information on how and where you can register:  

Please note: scores from exams taken in (and prior to) 2013 will not be accepted for the HiSET.  If you were not successful in passing the GED prior to 2014, you will need to "start over"  in January, 2014 with the new HiSET exam.

If you need additional information on the new exam, please contact the State GED (HiSET) office by phone at (573) 751-3504 or by mail at PO Box 480, Jefferson City, MO 65102.

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