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Srikanth Mudigonda, Ph.D.

Director of M.S. Applied Analytics; Associate Professor
Computer Information Systems


Ph.D. Business Administration with an emphasis in Information Systems, University of Missouri-Saint Louis
M.S. Information Systems with a specialization in Data Management, Dakota State University
M.Sc. (Hons.) Biological Sciences; Master of Management Studies, Birla Institute of Technology and Science in Pilani, India

Practice Areas

Machine/Statistical learning/modeling; agent-based modeling; computer science education; data analysis/science education

Research Interests

Modeling the emergence of social phenomena; teaching/learning methodologies for education in computing

Publications and Media Placements

Friesen, M., and Mudigonda, S.P (2018). Institutional Emergence and Persistence of Inequality in Hamilton, ON 1851-1861. Waterloo Institute for Complexity and Innovation Conference 2018.

Grawitch, M. J., Winton, S. L., Mudigonda, S. P., Buerck, J. P. (2017). Technology Is More Than Just Error.
Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 10 (4), 654-659.

Buerck, J.P., and Mudigonda, S. P (2014). "A Resource‐Constrained Approach to Implementing Analytics in an
Institution of Higher Education: An Experience Report." Journal of Learning Analytics, 1(1), 129 - 139.

Buerck, J.P., Mudigonda, S. P, Mooshegian, S.E., Collins, K., Grimm, N. A., Bonney, K, and Kombrink, H (2013).
"Predicting Non-Traditional Student Learning Outcomes Using Data Analytics - A Pilot Study",
Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges , 28(5), 260 - 265.

Mudigonda, S., and Buerck, J. (2012). “The Design of An Undergraduate Web Application Development Course
Using Free Technologies and Learning Materials,” Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges, 27(5), 131-139.

Sauter, V.L., Mudigonda, S., and Subramanian, A. (2011). “Visualization-Based Decision Support Systems: An
Example of Regional Relationship Data,” International Journal of Decision Support System Technology, 3(1), 1- 20.

Joshi, K., and Mudigonda, S. (2008). "An Analysis of India's Future Attractiveness as An Offshore Destination for
IT and IT-Enabled Services," Journal of Information Technology, 23(4), 215 – 227.

Lyons, J., and Mudigonda, S. (2015).”The Diffusion of Innovation: Bringing Military Technology from the
battlefield to the Local Police.” Presentation at the Midwest International Studies Association Conference, Nov 22 – 25, St. Louis, MO

Mudigonda, S., Subramanian, A. and Nilakanta, S. (2007). “Evolution of Open-Source Software Projects: An
Exploratory Investigation,” Proceedings of the International Symposium of Information Systems, Hyderabad,

Mudigonda, S., Kang S.B., and Mano, H. (2006). “The Moderating Influence of Personality and Situational
Variables on the Effect of Recommendation Agents on Perceived Decision Quality and Perceived Information
Quality,” Proceedings of the Americas' Conference on Information Systems, Acapulco, Mexico

Joshi, K., Palvia, S., and Mudigonda, S. (2005). “An Analysis of India’s Future Attractiveness as an Offshore
Destination for IT and ITeS,” Fourth Annual International Outsourcing Conference, Washington DC

Honors and Awards

SLU Student Government Association's Faculty Excellence Award.
SPS Faculty Excellence Award

Professional Organizations and Associations

Association for Computing Machinery Special Interest Group for Simulation (SIGSIM); Computational Social Science Society of the Americas